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Velma's Yahoo Group
Scooby Role Play Forum
What the rest of the gang thought!
About the Author and some Site History
The Casting (See what the cast really looked like!)
A Follow up on the search for Nicole Jaffe
A Girl and her Glasses
Fan Artwork
Meet The Gang (Bio's)
Production Questions
Backstage at HB
The Many Faces of Velma
The "Bravo" Files
An Interview with Velma Dinkley
What is Malt?
The New Show!
Pics from the Safari Show
New Fan Fiction! Stories from other writers!
Movie Reviews!
A tribute to Mary Kay Bergman
Velma's Forum
Fan Fiction Contests
Fan Art Contests
Pics from the Movie!
Mlle. Dinkley, our Velma look-alike 
The Rumors Page
Some Words About the 60's
Other Links and Web-Rings
Review/Preview on the Live Action Movie!
www . Scooby Doo . Com
Scooby News Letter from WB
Ask Velma!

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