Welcome to Velma Chat !

Where you can chat with other fans of Velma!

Some Features and notes about Velma Chat:

  • Velma Chat is a chat-room that does not require you to download anything to join in. 
  • You are welcome to chat with other fans, but  you must abide by the rules we post.
  • Moderators have the power to "bounce" you from the room if you are breaking any of the rules.
  • Some Names are "reserved" and can not be used as screen names (like Velma)

Please Read The Following:

Rules:  Velma Chat is open to everyone of all ages! Because of that, any behavior that would be inappropriate for our younger members will be considered a reason to be bounced. This includes foul language, and disrespecting other members, but is not limited to that. It is at the discretion of our moderators and their word is final. 

The Room operates in three modes:

  • Open- A moderator is present and content is being watched.
  • Recorded- No moderator is present, but your IP address is displayed with your post, and what you post is being recorded.
  • Closed- The room is temporally closed, you may view the previous posts, but can not post anything new.
Technical stuff:
  • HTML chat is somewhat slower than Java chat, but does not require you to download any software and works on almost any PC or Mac. 
  • The screen refreshes every 10 seconds. It will also refresh whenever you click the "Manual Refresh" link.
  • There may be a slight delay in seeing the text you type. You can speed that up by using  "Manual Refresh"
  • When unattended, the room may be closed or in the record mode. (See above.)
Safety on Chat

We want you to have a fun and safe time in our chat room! Please remember:

  • Never give out you real name
  • Never give out your Address
  • Never give out your phone number
  • Never give out passwords
  • Never give out any account numbers
  • WE will never ask for any of these things!
For more information on Safety, see this site: Safety on Interactive Sites (from the US Dept. of Education) 

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Chat Schedule:

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Sundays at 8:45 pm (EST) to 10:00 (or so)
Other times will be added !
(Chats sometime occur on their own as well!)


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