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As you probably know, Southpeek has released a video game based on Scooby Doo! Here are some bio's borrowed from their ad. I bought the game and it is really neet!

They're right!  Just don't bore me!


Everybody loves Daphne Blake. She's beautiful. Her dad's rich (he paid for The Mystery Machine that the gang travels around in). And she's great for the ego since she always needs to be rescued. What's not to love? Unlike her canine traveling companion, the unknown is a challenge to Daphne. She loves a good mystery and hopes to become a famous mystery writer someday. Daphne has more enthusiasm than all the other kids put together, with hundreds of plunges into perilous predicaments under her fashionable belt. Maybe if one of Daphne's brushes with seemingly certain disaster ever manages to mess up her impeccably coiffed hair, she'll think twice about diving head-on into danger...but so far that hasn't happened.



None!  I like that! A lot less stress!


In the 50's they were called beatniks. In the 60's they were hippies. In Scooby-Doo cartoons he's Shaggy, the funky, less-than-kempt everyteen who likes to go his own way (usually, in the opposite direction from trouble). If Shaggy's all-natural aversion to danger sounds familiar, it's because he and Scooby-Doo have much in common. They say Shaggy is the human version of Scooby. The boy/dog bond between Shaggy and Scooby has carried them through 300 plus episodes together. Shaggy speaks in "likes" and "mans" and uses groovy, outta sight expressions that endear him to kids of all ages. His least stupid human trick: using ventriloquism to put words in Scooby's mouth, confounding villains and causing their evil schemes to fall through.



That's Me !


He's afraid of ghouls, vampires, zombies, mummies...even his own shadow. And when the going gets tough, Scooby gets far away as possible! Scooby-Doo is the great dane with the greatest following in TV cartoon history. Speaking semi-intelligible English, the only four-pawed member of Mystery, Inc. unwittingly helps his ghostbusting teenage pals solve monstrous mysteries and unmask pseudo-spirits. The key to Scooby's heart...and to whatever courage he can Scooby Snacks. He'll do anything for 'em, even wear disguises and venture into haunted houses. But you always get the feeling that the big, lovable pooch would rather be anyplace than the spooky place where he always happens to be.




See! 95 lbs, so stop thinking I'm fat! I'm just small.:


A veritable Sherlock in spectacles, and the undisputed brains of the outfit, Velma Dinkley is always the first to decipher the clues and figure out who's hiding under the mask. Velma tends to get separated from the gang almost as often as Scooby, but for opposite reasons. Scooby's running FROM the clues...Velma's intently following them. And unlike Scooby, she's very easy to find. Simply listen for her "Jinkies!"; she says it every time she makes a significant discovery.






Yes, I do like Daphne, but as a sister!


With blonde hair and good looks that would inspire confidence in anyone (except maybe Scooby and Shaggy), Fred Jones is the glue that keeps Mystery Inc. together. Nearly as sharp as Velma in picking up clues, Freddy is the gang's leader, big brother and inspiration all rolled into one. His genius for setting elaborate traps to catch ghouls, ghosts and just plain bad guys is only diminished by the fact that most of his traps backfire! Freddy's the one who drives The Mystery Machine, gives the gang their assignments, and pairs them up for their missions. In the end, it's Fred who makes it official with the words, "Well, I guess that wraps up another mystery."





Well, as anyone who has seen "The Witch's Ghost" knows, it's been a few years since these bio's were done! The gang went their separate ways, only to come back together when Daphne's tv station sponsored the ghost chase that lead them to "Zombie Island." Still, it's fun to look back to where it all began!

Well, it seemed like a good job at the time!TV host / writer, whatever! I'm starting to get bored....

I rather be solving mysteries then sorting them!TV producer! Pays better then an inventor!

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