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4/10/2017  We are back!  
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5/9/2010    New full-story version of Slaughter Canyon has been added !

Scooby Doo
Mystery Incorporated !

The Gang is Back !

(Click on the pic for more!)

The Secret of
Slaughter Canyon
A Fred Jones Comic Book
by Jag

In my opinion, his best work yet ! - JL

(Click pic for Comic Book) or:

Text Story Version

Mr. & Mrs.
Jones !
A Fred Jones Comic Book
by Jag

Fred Jones 
and the 
Blade of Bolivar
A Fred Jones Comic Book
by Jag

Skullduggery !

We all on occasion have a "Scooby Moment" in our real lives. For me, it was about 38 years ago when I ended up on an accidental archeological dig! 

If the site of real bones doesn't bother you, here are a few pictures from that dig.

Boy! We could have used Velma to solve this mystery! 

Check out Railroadnut's:

The Haunting of Dinkly!


Fred Jones
and the
Lost Crusade

A Fred Jones Comic Book
by Jag

A fantastic work by the late Gillian B

This is a fully illustrated version of her contest winning Velma story!  


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