In 1969, I ended up on an accidental archeological dig! I found these old pictures while hunting around and thought I would put them up. I am not a professional, nor do I play one on TV.

The location was Sanibel Island, off the cost of Florida. I had relatives that owned a resort down there, and they were going to expand on a smaller island. On the property, they found an unusual mound of sand. Some poking and prodding revealed human remains. Further digging revealed many more! 

About at this point, I was invited to the dig. (I, as a lad, am pictured below in the striped shirt shaking the sand out of my hair.)

All in all, by the time everything was over, we had uncovered about 100 decapitated bodies! Friends from a local museum helped us and dated the remains as being from about 1790 to 1860. The first thought was that it had been an Indian burial ground. Further examination revealed the bones to be Caucasian. The best theories were that it was either a band of pirates or a village that had been attacked and the remains were dumped here. 

We could have used Velma to help solve the mystery, and there is some irony to the fact that this all happened in 1969. I have often wondered if my involvement on the dig led to my interest in the series!