The Malt Shop

Ok, we know the gang hung around a place called "The Malt Shop", but, 
What is a malt shop anyway? For that matter, What the heck is Malt???

Unless you grew up in the 60's and 70's like I did, you missed out on something very special.
---- A Malted Milk Shake !

Actually, the malted milk shake dates from the 1950's and it is quite a tasty treat. In those days, there really were places called Malt Shops.  They served Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Milk Shakes, and Malted Milk Shakes!  Recently, I had a craving for one and found out it is all but impossible to find malt in the stores. The closest think I could find was Chocolate Malted milk mix. (not the same thing!)  I finally found a food distributor whom I purchased the 40 ounce industrial sized can above. ( A Malt usually requires one or two teaspoons! ) Malt powder is a light beige colored powder made from extracts of malted barley, and is actually a little bitter in taste if eaten straight out of the can. (I did!) When mixed into a milk shake, it takes on a whole new and wonderful flavor!  For those who would like to give one a try, here is some info that may be helpful:

Carnation was actually bought out by Nestle, and the malt powder is distributed by:

Nestle Brand Food Service Company
Glendale, CA 91203 (USA)

Sorry, no phone number!

NEWS!   Got this letter in-

Tony 12/19/02
Hi there! I own and we have the 40 ounce can of Carnation Malted Milk available in our Good Food & Stuff section. If you you would like to put link to the item we would sure appreciate it! Here is where it can be found: My Dad had a six-stool lunch counter in his general store, and when I was a kid I used to make malted milkshakes for customers. Love your site! Tony

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