Mary Kay Bergman

1961 ~ 1999


Mary died November 17th, 1999. She was 38 years old.


Most Scooby fans recognize her voice as that of Daphne in the two feature length movies that have been released. She has also been heard on I Am Weasel, Rugrats, and many Cartoon Network promos.


Those who have never watched a cartoon still have probably heard her voice as she is the voice for Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup (The official voice of Mrs. Butterworth, herself!) A native of Los Angeles, Mary Kay had been a working actress for fourteen years, specializing in voice-overs for the past twelve. Mary Kay's versatility has been featured in over 400 commercials, including National spots and major campaigns for C & H Sugar, Kellogg's Froot Loops, American Express, Honda, etc.


She will probably be missed most by fans of the wildly popular Comedy Central series South Park Where she provided the voices for Wendy Testaburger, Stan's mom, Kenny's mom, Sheila Broflovski, Mayor McDaniels, Ms Crabtree, Principal Victoria, and just about every other female role! (she's credited as Shannen Cassidy for the first season and part of the second season episodes). "It was a creative decision (to use a pseudonym). I wanted to "reinvent" myself. The anonymity was so freeing for me. None of us, Matt and Trey included, thought South Park would be the monster success its turned out to be.

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