Jinkies! We Finally found Nicole!Oh, I knew you'd find me sooner or later!

I'm starring in this movie with the "King"!Nicole starred in a 1969 Elvis movie called "The Trouble With Girls" (Betty Smith)

If you are a true Scooby fan, go rent it! Oh, and as a bonus, Frank Welker (Freddy) is in it as well!


My next show stars a what?


Hard to find! But she was worth it!

A few other notes-

Pat Stevens (Velma #2) had indicated that Nicole's voice had "forced inflection" for the part of Velma. I wondered if I would recognize it when I watched the movie. I don't think she said more than two words before I knew it was her! It is obvious that a lot of the facial expressions that we see in Velma came from Nicole. There was more then one point in the movie that I was sure she would just yell for Scooby! (The voice was that close!)


Do you have my glasses?Many times the animated image we see in a cartoon takes on some of the features of the character that is providing the voice. This is due to the interaction of the staff writers, producers, and voice actors. Although this effect is not as prevalent in high volume productions like the work that Hanna-Barbera did, some of the effect is still there. If you rent the movie you will notice this fact.


Jinkies! I always play the comic underdog!I just wish they'd let me wear my glasses so I could see Elvis! As for the look, brown eyes and brow eyebrows are a giveaway that her natural hair color is brown. Her round face also fits the part as well as her height. If it wasn't for the fact that so many years have gone by, I think she would be a shoe-in for a live action Scooby-Doo movie!

Go ahead Nicole, say it! "Scooby Doo, Where are you?"Is this "classic Freddy" or what! Frank Welker is also in the movie. As with Nicole, a lot of his mannerisms show up in Freddy as well. Anybody who loves Freddy will have a blast watching him in this movie. The only unfortunate thing is that Nicole and Frank are not the stars, so they play characters that stay in the background of the plot.

How dare someone like Elvis think he is more important than Frank or Nicole !

(Hee hee!)


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