What's New Scooby Doo?

The first NEW Saturday morning Scooby series in over 20 years!

Although taking place in current times, this show dovetails with the original series. From a timeline standpoint, it would be before the original breakup. 

"There is no Creature Like Snow Creature"  First aired 9/14/02
WB Kids TV


Shaggy - Casey Kasem 

How can he get it wrong?? Casey invented Shaggy and has been playing him since 1969!

Shaggy is still Shaggy, he is a classic and the role still works as well as it did back in the original series!

Freddy - Frank Welker

As with Casey, Frank has been playing Freddy from day one! The ascot may be gone, but as with Shaggy, the character is timeless!

Velma- Mindy Cohn

Mindy is new to the role. As with the others, the character is drawn in the new style as compared to the 1969 Velma (played by Nicole Jaffe)  How did Mindy do?  OK, I guess, I still miss Nicole. Linda did well in the live action movie, but Mindy sounds a little to sweet.

Daphne- Grey Delisle

Grey took over the role of Daphne after the death of  Mary Kay Bergman. She does really well. A voice Heather North would be proud of. Again, Daphne is patterned after the newer look first seen in Zombie Island. 

Scooby - Frank Welker (as well)

Freddy as Scooby?  Don't Laugh, Frank started at Hanna-Barbara in the 60's doing animal voices. Frank has been with Scooby since the start and is very qualified to take over the voice of Scooby, which was originally voiced by the late Don Messick. 

Dose it all work in the new Millennium ?   
My answer would be a resounding YES!  It carries on the original premise of the series, and stays true to the original format of the shows that first aired from 1969 to 1974.

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