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Morning Not Like Any Other By Toki
This short story was written by Toki, a newcomer. Has harm come to the gang? Velma (and you) will have to follow the clues to find the answer!

2005 Contest winner!
Thomas E. Hartman

Fred Jones, Where are you?
By Toki

A cool short story about a mystery within the gang! (text)

"The Ghost Girl"
by Dr. Thinker

One idea on how Velma became a genius (text)

By Jreb

This is a story of the Mystery Inc. gang in a historical setting. Think of this as the 19th century Batman in “Gotham by Gaslight” story. In other words familiar characters in different setting! (Text)

The Haunting of Dinkley

by Thomas E. Hartman

Velma with a railroad twist! Cool for train enthusiasts! 

This one is really A-OK!Scooby's Double Trouble a Velma Adventure by Coyote
This story was written by Coyote, a devoted Scooby fan. Coyote had two Scooby sites on the web "The Scooby Zone" and "Totally Daphne", but indicated that a lack of time and money killed them off. Still, it is a pleasure to present one of his stories. It is really great, and I loved reading it, as I am sure you will as well!
DAPHNE'S SONG  A Scooby adventure by Crystall
Daphne meats Goth!  Somewhat dark, but this wonderful story, written by a 14 year old fan from Seattle is really good! Although not a "Velma" story per-say, I think we're looking at a future Hanna-Barbara writer here!
Scooby-Doo In 
The Skeleton of Bone Island a short story by Dr. Thinker
In this story, the gang tries to solve a mystery of a spooky skeleton ghost.
A cold dark rainy night....Rain  

A short story written by Musachan
Romance for Velma may be in her own back yard!

Velma's Fate  
By Jinkies Girl

By Dougster  



Pomes & Songs From Other Fans Yep, Velma poetry!

Forever Admire

A Poem By Jinkies Girl

Can you see me?
A Velma Love Poem By Bra1n1ac

Orange Sweaters by PowerDaph
Sung to the tune "Black Velvet"

Excitable Pup by David
Sung to the Warren Zevon tune "Excitable Boy"


If you have a story you would like to send us, please do! We can not guarantee we will publish it on the site, but if it's really, really good, we will try! Stories should be clean, easy to follow, and remain in character! Good Luck!

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