The Skeleton of Bone Island a short story by Dr. Thinker

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Note 3: The time is early April 2001.

File AA-00092 Filed by Velma Dinkley

We learned from the news that the town of the southern tip of Bone Island has been spooked by an skeleton. The skeleton could be that of Bone Island's discoverer. Professor Thomas Spine thinks it's the ghost of the infamous Captain Nerata Bone who has come back for his lost jewels rumored to be that of Atlantis itself. Meanwhile, Professor Susan Shin thinks it's a crooked person in a skeleton outfit. They plan to call Mystery Inc. soon.

Like a cue for an actor, the phone rings and on it was Professor Susan Shin.  She asks us to come outside. There we saw a rope ladder. "Climb aboard, Mr. Doo, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Blake, Mr. Rogers, and Mrs. Dinkley."

Scooby-Doo grabbed the rope, followed by Shaggy, then me and Daphne. Fred was last as usual. We found ourselves inside the cockpit of a helicopter.

She told us that once a citizen discovered the famous Skeleton, and tried to shoot it, but the bullet bounced off. Fred claimed that might be an important clue.  She also saw the creature look around her tent. That was the area where Capt. Bone had died at the hands of his first mate, Dr. Jinus Sysala. She also called us because she needed help to prove that the ghost was a fake one.  She also told Freddie, that Prof. Thomas Spine looked a bit-annoyed at her for calling us.

We started helping out, and of course, it was Shaggy and Scooby-Doo who first discover the Skeleton Creature. They spotted him deep within the ruins of Atlantis, not even close to the famous Atlantis temple. The creature was digging in the ruins, and dropped some objects. Then tossed the dirt on them.

The Skeleton creature spotted them, but then turned back to his own work. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy came out once they were finished watching. They came to me, and told me what they had seen. Prof. Spine was at the site, he was once again arguing with Prof. Shin. Both are keeping with their thoughts. Once they left, Freddie made a remark. "They won't stop fighting until we put the lid on this caper." Daphne agreed with Freddie

This time around we split up into two teams....again....
Team #1 - Velma and Daphne
Team #2 - Freddie, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo
Team #1 was to look though Prof. Spine's laboratory.
Team #2 was to go back to the cave and hunt down the skeleton.

My team found the Skeleton spooking Prof. Spine, The Skeleton spotted us and took off with some old test tubes and lights, a box of old wires, and a two jars of gears and bolts. Prof. Spine claims that no crook would steal those worthless parts. Meanwhile, Freddie's Team didn't find the Skeleton, but did find a strange UFO. A spooky sliver-covered thing with four golden long wing sticks. One of them was bent. Freddy and Scooby-Doo tried to the open the door, but couldn't. As they waited, they saw the Skeleton appear and spook Shaggy and Scooby-Doo out of the cave. Freddy followed.

We talked about the Skeleton, Freddy is convinced it's Prof. Spine, who's is trying to scare Prof. Shin out of the Atlantis ruins, so he can claim them for himself. The Skeleton at his house was a hologram. Freddy planned a trap with, of course, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy as bait.

Scooby-Doo baited the Skeleton into the trap. It looked like we had trapped the Skeleton, but then it split into five parts. One head, one body, two arms and two legs and it took off!

"Nice going, Shaggy." stated a new voice. We turned to see a familiar face, Crystal and Amber. Both them were in their real form. "What's going on?" I asked.

Crystal and Amber told us that they were following a Boniara, a race that looked a human Skeleton. The name of the creature is Crockia. Crockia is a crook and is hiding jewels from the Boniara. Crystal and Amber also told us that Skeleton creatures can split into five parts because most of their major body organs (brain, lungs and heart) are in their skulls. Crockia is pretty good at hiding, but Crystal told us that she had a item to locate the body parts. Each one of us started hunting.....

Daphne founded one of the legs.
I located the body and another leg.
Freddy found both arms.

We heard a yell. It was familiar to us. It was the "ZOINKS" of Shaggy. Crystal also heard the screeching sound of Crockia's laugh. Within a few seconds, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy crashed into us...and Crockia's head ended up in Crystal's arms. Upset, that she landed in Crystal's arms, Crockia pulled her herself together and attacked Crystal and Amber, who switched into their alien form. It's seems that Crockia was stronger then Crystal or Amber. Then, Daphne got an idea. She asked Scooby-Doo and Shaggy to run around Crockia. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy did it....and Crockia ended up dog-tired on the floor

After Crystal put Crockia in prison and recollected the alien jewels, we found an odd chest. It seems to be that of Captain Bone. Just then a thin pirate ghost appeared, "A Million Pounds of Thanks for Finding That ! Now I can to rest in peace." stated the ghost. "That must have been the real ghost !",Crystal says. Crystal then explains that the Alien Police protected the 19329 Sector, which includes the planet Earth. She now has a few new jobs which include the following:

1 - To locate aliens on other planets.
2 - If good, keep an eye on them.
3 - If bad, catch them and return them to their home planet.
4 - (Earth rule) If fake, bait the fakers into a trap and leave them for the police or army patrol.

Crystal and Amber transport into their spaceship and take off for their home world. Also Crystal notes that two other alien by-standers were involved in this caper, both Boniara. Prof. Thomas Spine and Susan Shin. Susan Shin revealed that she had used a solid illusion orb to make us think that we had found Atlantis. Spine knew that Shin was faking Atlantis to bait us into the mystery, which worked. "What's next, a real mermaid?" ask Shaggy. "Now that's one creature, I wouldn't mind seeing !." stated Scooby-Doo.

Just then, a report from Turkey comes in. The real Atlantis has been found. "Here we go again..." moans Shaggy. Everybody laughed!


The End!

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