By: Crystall

Scooby and the gang were driving down the steep valley road in western Nevada. They were going to visit Daphne's Uncle Joseph. "How much longer, Daph?" Fred asked. "Just over that next hill, Fred," Daphne answered. Shaggy was relieved. "Like, great! I'm starvin'!" "What else is new?" Velma said.

The gang continued to drive. All of a sudden, they all heard the "POP!" of the engine and saw the smoke stream from underneath the hood of the Mystery Machine. "Oh, no! We've overheated!" Velma exclaimed. Fred pulled the van over, and got out to take a look at the engine. The rest of the gang watched from inside. "Velma's right. We need to hurry to your uncle's and get some water to cool off the radiator, Daph," Fred said. Velma grabbed up an umbrella from the back. "It's probably about 104 degrees out there, so we might need this. And we don't have any water, so we have to hurry. If anyone stays in the sun too long, they could pass out, which is often times fatal in this kind of weather." So the gang started out. Daphne was in the lead, because she was the only one who knew where her uncle's house was. Fred was beside her, Velma just behind them, holding the umbrella. Shaggy and Scooby brought up the rear. "Like, how can it get so hot??" Shaggy asked. "Reah," Scooby panted. Daphne took off her purple overcoat, exposing a green T-shirt. She tied the overcoat around her waist and kept walking. "I know how you feel, Daph," Velma said. "Why did I decide to wear a sweater? I should've known it was going to be this hot!"

Suddenly, Scooby scented something. He jolted from the gang and started to dig into the sandy ground. "Scooby-Doo, what's with you?" Shaggy asked. But Scoob just kept digging. "Let's go. He'll catch up in a little bit. He wouldn't be stupid enough to stay out here without us. As a matter of fact, nobody would," Fred said. The gang walked on, leaving Scooby to dig. And sure enough, he ran back to them. "I was right!" Fred said. "Wait a moment, guys. Like, Scooby's carrying something," Shaggy said. "Like, let me see it, Scooby." Scooby dropped the object into Shaggy's hand - which also happened to be covered in dog spit. "Like, hey Scooby, you could've at least wiped this thing off before letting me have it! YOOOUUUUGGGGHHHHH!" Shaggy said. He wiped off the spit-covered object on his shirt. "Jinkies, Shag. Let me see it," Velma said. "Like, okay. Here." Shaggy handed the object to Velma. "Oh my word. . ." Velma said. Daphne turned around. "What?" she asked. "Look at this! It's an old Wascou Indian flute, probably over three hundred years old!" Velma responded. "The what Indians?" Shaggy said. "The Wascou Indians. You never heard of them because they were all wiped out hundreds of years ago. It's said that there was a gateway to the Spirit World through this flute. It's also said that the spirits have chosen someone special to blow the flute and open the gateway. You see, the Wascou myths say that these two worlds worked side by side, and help each other if they were in trouble," Velma said. "Cool," Shaggy replied. "Do you want to try it? I dare you!" Fred said. "Like, no way! I ain't doing it!" Shaggy exclaimed. "How about you, Daphne?" Velma asked. "No, way." Daphne answered. "Oh, come on - chicken!" Velma said. "Oh, all right. But I'm saying that nothing's going to happen," Daphne said. She was handed the flute, and Daphne breathed in deep. She put the flute up to her mouth, and blew. The high-pitched melody of the flute rang out in the desert. The gang was sure surprised!

"Y-y-you were the chosen one! Zoinks!" Shaggy said, backing up. Scooby jumped into his arms, trembling with fear. "Ripes!" he yelped. All of a sudden, a harsh wind blew, almost knocking the gang down. To their surprise, the clouds swirled, and the sky became dark. As the gang watched, a beautiful beam of sunlight shone through the sky to the ground. Then before their very eyes, a creature appeared like they've never seen. It was at least seven feet tall at the shoulder, with the head of a horse, the wings of a serpent, and long, skinny legs that ended in three razor-sharp claws the color of emeralds. Its eyes flashed silver, its mane shone golden, and its pelt reflected the color of the sky. The creature faced the gang, its blue lion's tail twitching. And to their surprise, it spoke. "Where is the chosen one who blew the flute?" it asked. Daphne timidly stepped forward. "I am the chosen one," she replied. "Thank goodness you have come. Our world is in great danger of being destroyed," the creature replied. "Climb upon my back, for we must hurry." "C'mon gang. Let's go," Daphne whispered. "Can you please kneel down so we can get on?" "Yes," the creature answered. It kneeled down on its front legs to let the gang climb on. The gang nervously climbed atop the creature, with Daphne in front, then Fred, Velma, and Shaggy at the rear. Scooby sat on the creature's head. "Like, by the way, what's your name?" Shaggy asked. "Beigor," the creature answered. "My name is Beigor."

With that, Beigor started to flap his great wings, and soon the gang was over two hundred feet above the ground. Scooby was in a state of terror. "Ripes!" He grabbed Beigor's huge ears in a panic. The gang was taken upwards to the sky. They flew towards the stars. Then as fast as they had taken off, they had landed in the Spirit World. "This is my world," said Beigor as the gang marveled at the sight. The sight was truly amazing. The Northern Lights painted the sky with mystifying brightness. Rainbow waterfalls flowed from the clouds. Shooting stars flew across the sky with uncanny speed. "Like, what's wrong with it? It looks fine," said Shaggy. "Not for long," replied Beigor. "A few suns and moons ago, the Spirit World got word of the Shadow serpent coming to this land and he said that he will eliminate it, then swallow the earth in an era of darkness forever." "Ri'm routta rhere!" Scooby said. He turned around to run, but Velma grabbed his collar. "Going somewhere?" she questioned. "Like, yeah! As far away from here, and as fast as possible!" Shaggy piped up. "But you can't leave! Our world is in trouble!" Daphne argued. Then all talk was cut short by a dark cloud of mist rolling over them. "Fred! Where are you? Shaggy? Scooby? Velma? Beigor?" Daphne called. "What happened?" Velma asked. "The Shadow serpent is coming," Beigor replied. He flapped his dragon-like wings, blowing the mist away.

"We've got to get prepared for this creature," Fred said. Shaggy pulled out his slingshot. "Like, how will this do?" "There is no way to defeat the serpent. He feeds on the fear of others, draining their life as well, until they are nothing but bones," Beigor replied. "Like, bye," Shaggy said. "Rount me rout!" Scooby agreed. "Yeah," Velma said. "What?" Daphne and Fred said at the same time.

"Those two would be too frightened to battle the serpent," Velma answered to them. "But we've never solved a case without Shaggy and Scooby!" Daphne quarreled. "That's true. But they would have no way of standing up to that monster," Velma replied. Beigor thought deep a moment. "However. . ." he said. "What?" Daphne asked. "You are the one who blew the flute, right?" Beigor asked. "Well, yeah," Daphne replied. "That flute can also control the Shadow serpent. When you play the flute, the serpent will follow the music to the source of it," Beigor said. "Then. . . it's too scary to continue." "What? Tell us the rest!" Daphne protested. "Well, after the serpent has found the source of the music, he will capture it, and make it his slave, to play beautiful music whenever he pleases. If the slave does not obey his orders, the punishment is death," Beigor answered. "And the person who opened the gateway has to do it." Daphne gulped. Then she looked at the flute in her hand. She looked at her friends, then she said, "Let's do it."

As quickly as the conversation ended, their plan began. Daphne climbed onto Beigor's back, and ordered him to stand on the highest cliff in the Spirit World. Beigor did as she requested. He stood rigid on the edge of the cliff, his dragon-like wings spread to their full nine feet in length, ready to fly when Daphne commands. The gang was still on the ground, hiding behind rainbow waterfalls and inside small mists, waiting for their chance to spring. When all was ready, Daphne played the melody of the flute. It drifted over the Spirit World, and soon a fierce roar sounded in the distance. "The Shadow serpent heard you," Beigor whispered to Daphne.

"Good," Daphne replied. Suddenly, a huge black dragon leaped out of the shadows. His eyes were blood-red, and long, yellow, jagged teeth poked out from under his lips. He roared again. "Where is the one who blew the flute?" he bellowed. "I am!" Daphne yelled. Beigor reared up on his hind legs and flapped his wings to show the serpent where they were. The Shadow serpent stomped over, and soon he and Daphne were eyeball-to-eyeball. Daphne's right hand gripped the dagger that rested in her pocket. "Prepare to be my slave, weak human woman!" the serpent roared. "Come and get me first!" Daphne replied smartly. "Okay, Beigor! Fly!" Beigor flapped his wings, and the pair raised up into the air, over the serpent's head. Beigor dove, and Daphne pulled out the dagger, and flung it blade-first into the creature's eye. "RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAUUUUURRRGGGHHHHHH!" the creature yowled.

Fred charged from his hiding spot, and drove a burning star into the serpent's leg. (Remember, they're in the land in the sky!) "You shall die!" the serpent roared. He swung his clawed arm at Fred, but Daphne had Beigor swooped down, and swept Fred out of the serpent's reach just before the creature was to hit him! "Gee, thanks, Daph," Fred said. "I'm not to thank. Thank Beigor," Daphne answered. "Thanks, Beigor," Fred said to him. "You are very welcome," Beigor replied. Scooby ran out, and climbed up the creature's tail. He was soon on the serpent's snout! "Get off, meddling earth creature!" the serpent said. He shook his head, trying to shake Scoob off. Scoob didn't budge. Instead, he pulled out a bottle of liquid soap from under his collar. "How do rou rike ris?" Scooby said, squirting the soap into the serpent's eyes. Then Scooby leaped onto the passing Beigor. The serpent's eyes were tearing up, and soon he couldn't see! The soap mixed with his tears, and soon there were bubbles pouring out of his eyes! Velma and Shaggy burst out of their hiding spots, and soon the serpent was feeling their axes in his foot! "There is no fear in these people! I must flee!" the serpent howled in pain. With that, he faded in a cloud of fire and mist, never to return to the Spirit World.

As suddenly as the fight had ended, the gang soon found themselves laying flat on the desert ground. "What happened?" asked Daphne groggily as she woke up. "I don't know, but I think we passed out from the heat," Velma said. She wiped sweat from her forehead with her sleeve. "Oh. Like I thought we just battled a serpent, won, then just woke up here," Shaggy said. "You dreamed that, too?" Fred asked. "Reah," Scooby said to him, nodding his head. It was all a dream! The gang couldn't believe it! But they soon got up and were again on their way to Daphne's uncle's house. "Well, hi there, Daphne!" said Daphne's uncle when they reached the front door. Then he saw something sticking out from under Daphne's shirt. "Daphne, is that a dagger?" her uncle questioned. "Huh?" Daphne reached down and pulled out a dagger, covered in dried blood.


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