Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf 2

Velma's Fate

By Jinkies Girl


"It's so dark tonight," thought Velma, walking over to Daphne's house. The gang was spending the night there and taking off the next day to investigate another mystery in the morning. "Why couldn't they have come and picked me up. Oh well, I need to hurry and get there. The gang will be worried". Turning the corner, she gasped. Standing in front of her was a massive man, cloaked in shadows.

"Who...who are you?" she stammered, backing away, "and what do you want?".

Silently, he grabbed her, and jammed something into her leg. Somehow, she didn't shout, but she was in pain. After a few seconds, he pulled it out, and vanished into nowhere.

Climbing to her feet and picking up her bag, she stood there for a moment before hobbling to Daphne's house. "Who was he?" she pondered as Velma came into the driveway, "and what did he want? Maybe I shouldn't tell the rest of the gang, because they might get worried and put the mystery on hold, which I defiantly don't want to happen".

Knocking on the door, Scooby came to open it. "Relma! He shouted, jumping on her and knocking her down.

"Ow! Oh, hello Scooby. Could you get off please?".

"Rorry," apologized Scooby, getting off and dusting Velma off.

"Velma!" someone cried. As Velma got up, she saw Shaggy, Daphne, and Freddie in the doorway.

"What happened? We've been so worried," exclaimed Daphne.

"Oh, nothing," replied Velma. She made her way to the couch and sat down.

"Yeah right. You're a mess plus you're limping. Really what happened?" accused Freddie.

"Uh oh, now what?" "I tripped over a root and lost my glasses in a bush," she said, thinking quickly.

"Anyway," said Daphne, cutting the conversation short, "Come with me, Velma. I'll help you to your room".

"All right. Good night Velma".

"Come on, Velma. Let's go". Helping Velma up, the two girls made there way to the room upstairs where Velma usually stay when she came to Daphne's house. Once they got inside, Daphne wished her good night and left.

After getting ready for bed, Velma climbed into bed. "Umm, I'm so tired and my legs hurts. Hopefully the pain will go away by morning. Drifting off to sleep, she had no idea of what lay ahead.

Waking up in the middle of the night for no reason, Velma sat up in bed. "Uh, why am I awake? Is it morning?". Glancing down at her hands she screamed. "Jinkies! My hands! There...there..." Running to the mirror she stood there, shocked. "It...can't be. I'm.. a...were..werewolf. But, how? This can't be! It has to be a dream!".

Pinching herself, the worst was confirmed. "No! No no no! It's true. I am a werewolf. What do I do? What do I do. The door. They can't see me like this", Dashing to the door she locked it. Just as she did, she heard Scooby scratching and Freddie shouting, "Velma! What's wrong? Open the door! Let's us in?".

"Um, I'm fine. Don't come in. I'm, uh, changing," she shouted back.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm fine".

"All right, Velma. Goodnight".

"Whew. That was close. Now what thought," she asked herself, "Maybe it'll be better in the morning. Yes, it will all be gone in the morning". Going over to unlock her door, she laid down in bed and went back to sleep.

"Zoinks! A..a werewolf! It ATE Velma! Like run for your lives!!!". Awaking to Shaggy's screams, Velma sat up in bed.

"What? What's going on? Shaggy? What are you doing in her? I could have had nothing on for all you know".

"Zoinks! Yikes! Help! It talks!" screamed Shaggy, "And it knows my name!". Running in, Daphne screamed, Scooby leaped on to Shaggy, and Fred pointed a stick at her.

"Okay werewolf, what did you do with Velma?" accused Freddie.

"Reah, Relma," agreed Scooby.

"Wait, Freddie. I am Velma. It's me!"

"Yeah right, you..."

"It is me, see I..."

"Oh no," smirked a silking, evil voice, "You can't spoil my plan girl". And with a poof! Velma was gone.

"Like, what do we do now?" asked Shaggy.

"Follow the werewolf somehow," replied Daphne.

"Rut rho ro..." and before Scooby could finish, the gang was gone just as fast.


Waking up, Velma found herself on a table. Looking closer, as close as she could without glasses, she saw she was in a small dungeon. "Uh, where am I? What...what happened?" she asked herself, "Wait. I remember. I woke up because of Shaggy's screaming and then poof! I was here. But where is here?".

"I can tell you that pretty," came a voice from the doorway. Turning around, Velma saw another werewolf, except it was a guy. "You must be new to the neighbor hood. What's your name?"


"Never mind that sweety," he said, come over to sit by her, "I'm Hank". He continued to sweet talk her while she just sat there, trying to figure out what to do.


"Oh, Freddie, get off me!" cried Daphne.

"Sorry Daphne," Freddie apologized, helping her up.

"Like, does anyone know where we are?" asked Shaggy.


"Well, come on gang, er, minus one. Let's go find that wolf thing!" said Freddie.

Starting off down the hall, they soon came to an open door. Peering in, they saw two werewolves. One seemed to be greatly annoying the other.

"Leave me alone, you, thing!" the girl one shouted.

"Come on swettie. Be nice," the other one said.

"Like, Yikes! That's the one that ate Velma," Shaggy whispered.

"Shaggy, you can't eat Velma," Freddie told Shag, "but I have a plan. Get her!" he suddenly shouted, running over.

"Whoa man! I leaving, sorry," the guy apologized to Freddie as he ran out the door.

"What was that all about?" asked Daphne.

"Ri ron't row", replied Scooby.

"Wait. Here's the girl one. All right, where's Velma?" accused Freddie.

"That voice," Velma thought, "It sounds familiar".

"What now Freddie?" said Daphne.

"Freddie, Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby! You guys, it's me!" Velma suddenly shouted.

Scooby, running over started to sniff her. "Ri ris Relma! Relma!" Scooby suddenly shouted and licked her like crazy.

"Oh Velma!" Daphne cried, "Are you okay? What happen?".

"Well, that night when I was coming over, a man came out and stabbed me. That's why I was limping. Then...". When Velma finished, everyone was silent. Then, Velma thought of something.

"Hey Shaggy, why were you in my room in the first place this morning?"

"Uh....well," Shaggy stuttered, blushing, "I, look out!" he shouted, pointing to the back wall.

When every body had turned around, they gasped. A giant spider was coming straight towards them. Running out, Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby went one way while Daphne and Fred went the other.


"Whew, that was close," gasped Velma. The three of them were hiding in a large box. After they caught there breathe, Velma asked Shaggy something. "So, Shaggy, really. Why were you in my room this morning?"

"Well, " stuttered Shaggy, "It's just that, well, I wanted to make sure you were okay".

"Oh! Thanks, but be careful next time. I..."

"Rey, Rhaggy! Rood rand rinks!" shouted Scooby. He was rooting around in some other crates.

"Like, wow! Give them here. Uh, here Velma, have something".

"Thanks, Shaggy".


"Oh, that was a delicious drink *hicup*. Jinkies, I feel *hiccup* weird," moaned Velma. Then, she passed out.

"Velma!" screamed Shaggy, running over and picking her up, "Are you okay?".

"Uh, I...don't...know," she whispered, passing out again.

"Ru roh".

"Like, you can say that again. We better find Freddie an Daphne fast".


"Hey, Freddie, look thereís Shaggy and Scooby. What are they carrying?"

"It's Velma! What happened guys?" Fred asked Shaggy coming over. Shaggy was carrying Velma over his shoulder, "We found some food and drinks and all of a sudden, she passed out".

"Reah, reah!"

"Oh, no! I bet someone put something in it!"

"How right you are my dear, " came a pale, evil voice, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Dracula!". Stepping into the light came a huge, pale white man white blood red eyes and gleaming fangs.

Once Shaggy had gotten a good look he went pale. "Zoinks! It's Dracula's revenge! He swore it when I escaped. But, you aren't him. Who are you really?"

"That old fool?! I'm his son, unfortunately. I'm better than he ever was. What I want your friend for is my next experiment. A werewolf/vampire hybrid. I want a girl so if it is successful, I may wed her.

"No! You can't!" shouted Fred.

"How awful!" cried Daphne.

"Ru ran't!"

"Zoinks! Your worse than your father!"

"Silence! Like you can do anything about it! Now, I'll take the girl. And, you must come to say your good byes. Besides, you can't hang around here. Now, off we go!"


"Where...where am I?" Velma muttered, waking up, "Hey, what is all this?". Looking closer she noticed the room was a laboratory of some sort. When she tried to move she discovered she was strapped to a chair.

"Ah, my sweet, you are awake. Now, to begin the experiment," came the voice.

"Who, who are you? What do you want with me?"

"Ah yes. You did not hear me earlier. In short, I am Dracula's son, much better than my father was, " said the voice. Stepping into the light, Velma realized him as the stranger the night before.

"You stabbed me. With what, and why?"

"I made you what you are today, a werewolf. As for why, you are my greatest experiment. I will make you the greatest beast of all. A crossbred of a werewolf and vampire. If the experiment is successful, you WILL be my bride".

"No! I won't let you do this to me. I won't wed you. You can't make me!"

"Oh yes I can," he said walking towards her. Lowering his mouth, he bite Velma in the neck and then stood back.

"Arhhh!", Velma screamed in pain. "What is...happening to me?" she asked herself inside her mind, " I feel weird". Velma passed out.

Waking up a few moments later, she felt awful. "Uh, my head. What...happened?". Sitting up, she discovered she wasn't strapped down anymore.

"Success!" cried Dracula, "And all that is left is for you to marry me".

"Never! I won't!" Velma shouted at Dracula, "I'm going to find my friends and leave. What did you do with them?"

"Nothing my dear. They are, in fact, right here," he replied. Pulling a lever, he reveled 4 giant glass tubes. One each held Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby. They were all sleeping.

"What did you do to them? If you hurt them I'll...I'll..."

"You'll what? You can't hurt me. I'm twice as big as you and 10 times as strong".


"Listen, girl. You either marry me, or one of your friends will be my slave, my monster slave," Dracula told her, smirking, "Particularly, the one called Shaggy".

"Now what?" she though to herself, "I have no choice". "".

"Excellent! I knew you would see it my way. Now, to awake the best man and woman. Snapping his fingers Fred and Daphne awoke. "And we mustnít forget the the other two. Snapping again, Shaggy and Scooby woke up.

"Like, where am I?" asked Shaggy

"Where's Velma?" asked Daphne. Looking over she saw Velma, or what she thought was Velma.



"Hey!" shouted Freddie, "What is going on, Velma?"

Walking over to them, Velma explained. "I'm...getting". Falling to the floor she began to sob.

"Relma? Ro!"

"Yes, Scooby. He was going to hurt...Shaggy".

"Like, what?"

"She's right fool. Now then, shall we begin". Clapping his hand, all were instantly clad in wedding clothes.

"Help me!" shouted Velma

"Quiet. Now, preacher," said Dracula, pulling Shaggy forward, "Hurry this up".

"I refuse."

"The only way you could possible escape is through the land of the dead...and no one who goes in escapes".

"Wait," Velma shouted, "If you give me 1 hour in the land of the dead and I can survive, will you change me back and send us back home?"

"Yes," he said, after thinking a second, "I need a hardened guard. All right, off you go!" snapping his fingers, Velma disappeared.

**************************************************************************"Ow!" Velma said, standing up. Miles around her was nothing but barren waste lands "So," she said to herself, "This is the Land of the Dead.

"Yes, yes, yes it is".

"Who was that?"

"Me, me, me my dear," said the voice again. Coming up out of the swamp, a huge, disfigured woman appeared.

"Jinkies! What are you, I mean, who are you?"


"What? How do you know my name?"

"Shaggy told me all about you".

"But who are you?"

"I'm sorry. You might know me from Shaggy. My names Googie".

"Oh. How did you get here?"

"Right before me, Shaggy, Scooby, and

"Don't mention that name, please"

"Oh, you mean the mutt? I hate him as well," said Googie, "Anyway, right before we escaped I was caught and they sent a clone back. That's why Shaggy and me broke up. He began to hate the fake me".

"Oh, but how did you know about all this?" asked Velma

"Dracula gave me the privilege of seeing my life go to shreds. I've been living here since".

"I'm sorry. Can you help me defeat Dracula? I suppose to marry him when I leave this swamp. If I don't, he'll hurt Shaggy. What will I do?" sobbed Velma.

"Well, I think I can help you. Listen here".


A hour later, Velma had a plan. When Rexon came to take her to the ceremony, Velma came willingly. Once she was back in her wedding gown, Rexon was surprised at her attitude.

"I'm surprised at you. You are behaving nicely. I'm glad you decided to cooperate. Now, start the ceremony".

The gang watched in horror as Velma enjoyed the whole thing. Once it was over, Rexon made an announcement.

"Finally, I have a queen. And now to get rid of her friends for good. Good-bye, monsters. And Shaggy, you will finally join Googie in the swamp.

"Like, Googie?"

"Yes, " said Rexon, "My father gave you a clone to go back with you those years ago. The real one lives in the swamp. Well, so long!"

"Wait!" shouted Velma. Turning to face her, the gang stared in shock while Rexon went paler then ever. Velma was holding a silver spike to her heart.

"You forgot one thing, Rexon. When you bite me we became connected. If...I kill will go as well. Good-bye guys. I'm sorry, but it's the only way".

"Velma, don't!" cried Daphne

"You, like, can't! Velma!"

"Relma, ro!"

"Oh my gosh! Velma!" shouted Fred

"Girl you can't defeat me. I won't let you!" Rexon screamed. Dashing towards her he grabbed the spike from her hand.

"No!" screamed Velma falling to the floor, "I failed. Iím sorry, I have to live the rest of my life here. Rexon, you win, but at least let my friends go".

"What?! Of course not. I need some new slaves and they will do fine. And you will live eternally here. Now Shaggy, and you others, goodbye".

"Wait!" cried a voice, "Donít you dare Rexon. You ruined my life once, but not again". Running into the room was none other than Googie and she was holding a key.

"Googie. Itís really you," Shaggy exclaimed

"Yes," she replied, running over, "This time it really is me".

"Stop, you fool," Rexon commanded, "You canít save them, itís too late.

Besides, if you kill me, Velma goes as well".

"Velma, come over here. Only you can do this," shouted Googie. Giving Velma the key, Googie told her to place it over her heart and turn it.


"Do it. Youíll see".

Velma turned the key and it dropped to the floor. Frozen, Velma slowly began to change back into herself. When it was done, she picked up they key and took it back to Googie.

"NO!!!! How could this be!" Rexon was screaming and everyone turned and looked at him. He was slowly, changing into what appeared to be, human.

"Hey, Rexon!" shouted Velma, "Here. This is what you deserve". Picking up the key, she threw it at him. When it hit him, it seemed to create a hole, pulling him in.

"Some day, girl, you will pay!" Rexon screamed at Velma, before he disappeared.

Running over, Googie and Velma freed the gang.

"Googie!" Shaggy shouted in happiness, "Iíve missed you so much".

"Me too Shaggy, but we have to go. The castle is collapsing".

"Rut, row ro re ret rout?" asked Scooby

"Velma, get the key and turn it in midair. Hurry!" Googie said.

Turning it, a portal was created and they all went through before the were trapped inside the crumbling castle forever.

Back in Daphneís house, the gang decided to postpone the mystery. Shaggy offered to take Velma and Googie home. They agreed, so the four (donít forget Scooby!) got into the Mystery Machine and drove off.

Velma (a.k.a Mini Liz,Jinkies Girl)

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