Forever Admire

By Jinkies Girl


The little girl watched the older girl,

And whispered to the wind.

"You are the girl with the orange sweater,

The pageboy cut, the red miniskirt.

No matter what anyone will say,

I will admire you the most".


The years went by and the little girl grew,

She became a well-liked teen.

Never forgetting the unknown friend,

The girl who was her hero.

Reaching adulthood and having a family,

The girl watched the years passed.

Never knowing what happened,

To the girl who gave her a chance.

One day, though, she heard of the girl,

But sadly she had passes away.

The little girl cried over the other girl,

And decided to visit her grave.

Standing in front of where she was laid,

The girl spoke.

"Throughout the years,

You were with me,

With me in my mind.

Even if your gone,

You will live forever in our hearts,

And you are the one I will always admire".

Velma (a.k.a Mini Liz,Jinkies Girl)

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