"The Ghost Girl"
A "Scooby-Doo" Fan-Fiction
by Dr. Thinker

"Scooby-Doo" is copyright by Hanna-Barbara 1963-1995, then it's copyright by Warner Bros. 1995-2003. All rights served. Don't hound me with those scary lawyers.

My life was normal until that car crashed when I was 6 years old with that milk truck. Lucky, thought the car was totally scrap metal, my mom, my dad, and I survived the crash, but I got a piece of metal got suck in my brain where the eye information gets recorded. The body doctor said that I would never have a normal life at all. But the eye doctor claimed that eyeglasses will help me into life that close to normal. I cried all the time for a week. Back then, if you wore glasses you were insulted by the term, "four eyes" or "nerd". I felt like my life was over. 

As ancient writer once say, "Time and tide wait for no man." I attempted a normal life, trying to live with my eyeglasses. I usually got into the following range: B+ to C-." One day, in 1955, I was approached by female dressed fully in trench coat that would not have been out of place in a pulp fiction novel or a crime comic book. She told me that she will pay me handsomely, if I do help out. I asked what would be job. She told if I took the job offer she had, to meet her at the old house on Vinen Ave. That house was rumor to be hunting ground for a ghost. She didn't have a lot of time on her hands and that offer wasn't going to last long. She give me seven days to decide on it. I was very worry about her. So I decide on going to the haunted house on Thursday. I arrived. The girl turned out to a familiar face in Coolville, Washington. She was radio newscaster, Stephen Deyon, had she told me a story about a mystery mermaid warrior called Zeki. Zeki was a familiar name to me, it was a mermaid fighter that called our town home for quite some time, then she surprised me by becoming Zeki herself. She life changed at his haunted house, when two mermaids 
tricked her into becoming mermaid just in 1950. She really got an incurable mermaid illness, and her mermaids friends hidden out when they learned about the disease. Thought, the male merman sent her a robot to helped haunt the place, just a few month ago, it got sucked outside in a rainstorm and broken down. She hand me a white blouse, and a white skirt, and asked what shoe size 
I get. She told me when I had free time from my school or family business--by the way, that doesn't mean I run the family store back then--to appear at the bloody Ghost Girl. I accepted. My family never really keep a good eye on me in the first place, they always expect me to at home at 10:30 PM on weekdays--11:00 PM. 

Thursday afternoon, come quickly, and I arrived. The costume was going get final touch ups--Zeki was painting blood spots. She handled what she got finished. They was a big walk in panty near by, so I can get dressed with out worried about if any could see me. He told me that he was working on the second layer part of the costume. He give me the lower outfit. The inside layers off the costume was the outfit she put me in yesterday with a pair bloody gloves that look like human hands. Quicky put then one. The bloody gloves were tough to get off thanks to my long sleeved shirt. I decide right then to vow to wear short sleeved turtlenecks for the rest of my life. Lucky, that vow was kept because I was give a short sleeved white turtleneck sweater and a white skirt, which was covered in Zeki's fake blood. Next, I was added a pair of eyeglasses that surprising--though more femalish then I would I like to wear--contained the same time of lens that my more male looking glasses. Next I gived a pair of loafers that were cover in blood. Finally, I walked out.

"So far sooo good." Zeki stated. "I'm finishing up the ghost girl's head. I give the glasses the type of lens I \got from recording your information on my lab computer."

"I'm not really sure that you just faking a mermaid in order to fight crime." I remarked.

"Who do you think I'm was? Batman or Superman?" Zeki remarked. I remember Zeki's jokes were equal to that of Batman's sidekick, Robin's puns. 

"So you REALLY are Zeki?" I asked. 

"Yep." Zeki stated, as she handled me the ghost girl's white head. 

"So what's the story about this girl?"

"Well...it's you see....I would have been me if those mermaid have gotten a mermaid tail to heal me. I ended up in a car crashed, and fell into the sea. They two reasons to find get me Zeki's tail. One, so I can walk again--and second..so they can
talk to me."

I feel very sorry for Zeki. She was going thought a hard time, I had to heal. For a month, Zeki show me all the hidden places in the haunted house. Then time went quickly, I send the Fridays after "Thanksgivings" in the house, one year, Zeki told me to return home on Christmas Day, by telling me that the Ghost Girl was a kid at heart.

Surprising, on day, while at the haunted house as the Ghost Girl, I discovered a wanted  crook at the house. I'm surprised him, so bad, the next day, I discover in the newspaper that the crook give up the ghost--so to speak.

Days, weeks, months, years past, I was getting the hands of the ghost--so much so--that I thought I was really was one. One day, I found a green ball with the name, "Scooby-Doo" on it. I saw that it have come from one of the lobby's the windows. I couldn't figure who or what "Scooby-Doo" was. I was going to haunting the lobby of the house. I saw the big large doors squaking eye. A black hair teenager with a goate was wearing a green t-shirt and black pants. He was standing next to a big dog.

"We better hurry, Scooby-Doo, this place looks something that Casper's bad uncles would love to haut." The man remarked.

"Rot it, Rhaggy." I blinked my eyes. That dog talked. "Ret rind ry rall." 

So that "Scooby-Doo" was a talking dog, you won't believe but I was kind of a shy kid even before the car crash that almost ruin life--being in that ghost costume, make me a little bravely then I was as normal human. I thought they were going to stare at me I was a fake or something. Both the human and the dog looked at me, screamed "ghost", and took off so fast that I thought I just gotten thought done watching the climax of a movie about teenage drag races.

I give place the dog ball in the kitchen. Some times, Zeki gives a food break in the lab. I told that happen above. Zeki doubt that they would been back at all. Before leaning, I placed the dog ball in one of the bed rooms, and left. At the school the next day. I saw that the school's press editor, Jessica London talking the same day to the green-shirt guy dog was here as well.

"NORVILLE ROGERS, YOU KNOW THEY IS NOT A THING AS A GHOST!" Jessica remarked. She had a beautiful red blouse and red skirt. Her hair was in a ponytail. Jessica was wearning hiking boats.

"I would--like a second opinion, please." Shaggy stated. He look like the cat that lost eight of his nine lives.

"Ran I rave a rhird ropinion?" Scooby-Doo asked. Scooby-Doo's face was dog version of Shaggy's face.

Just then the picture perfect couple arrived. Freddie Jones and Daphne Blake. Freddie was a almost perfect male if it was for a yellow scarf and white sweater. Daphne was a perfect rich girl dressed in a fully pink outfit, with the exception of her white high-tops & green scarf. 

"What's up, Jessica?" Freddie remarked.

"I was just telling Norville and his silly little pal here, that they is no such thing 
as a ghost." Jessica told.

"Well, they might be right. Strange things do go bump in the night." Daphne remarked.

"DAPHNE!" Freddie & Jessica yelled. 

"I show you the ghost, then you will belive."  Shaggy remarked.

"Ret's rot, rand raid re rid." Scooby-Doo remarked.

"But we still have to get your ball back." Shaggy remarked.

I remember that usually Jessica and Freddie had the cars back then.. I decide on damging their cars will make then forget all the ghost or at least hold then up for a while. Removing bolts from one of their tires will take a few time. Knowing Jessica is a big on forgetness, and never have packs a spare tire. 

Surprising, I got their and into my ghost girl costume before they strange group arrived: Daphne, Freddie, Shaggy, Jessica, and Scooby-Doo enter. They were nasty with sparks on it. Freddie blamed Ronald "Red" Herring as the person he did it. Jessica stated that if was motorcycles she will believe "Red" did it. Ronald "Red" Herring was the football star while Freddie was the baseball star--they very fierce battle going. Each time, Freddie and Ronald meet in hallway, most of the students at Coolville Middle School think they might turn into a boxing match.

I decide on appearing right in front of them. All of them were staring as they were looking at real life ghost. I decide on chasing them--if I lose one group, I'm hunted down the others. I'm lose both of them, I go about my haunting business until locate them.

I chased Daphne & Freddie around the bed rooms until Freddie tripped on ball, taken Daphne body skating all way down the stairs. I went found the secret stair to the back rooms of the houses. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy were in the kitchen, discovering
that ice box and pantry were full stuck. Shaggy remarked, "Why does a ghost keep food, because ghost don't eat at all."

"To get some heat in this cold house!" I screamed. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy run like the wind. It was hard to keep up. Just then I discover very strange. Shaggy was dressed as a female ghost. Shaggy attempted to sound like a old woman--the ghost girl. I removed the wig. Scooby-Doo attack me--by running into me--forcing me to fall into a trap door. Lucky, this trap door leads the one of the four tunnels in to Zeki's lab.

Zeki was not in good mood. I saw one of the monitor that the group have reunited. Shaggy told the group about the ghost. Jessica pointed out that that wasn't true because of Zeki's air condition units. Jessica also discover was the main one--and it between 75 and 80 degrees-- perfect for the ghost. Scooby-Doo butt in by trying to make it think the ghost need something higher. Jessica remember 80 degrees was the highest this brand of air conditions unit can go to. Zeki told me to tell them to get out of the house or they will be sorry. Zeki, hand me a microphone, and told what Zeki told me. They didn't look to scared with the expect of Shaggy and the dog, but then Jessica pointed out a speaker! 

If Zeki was picture of calm when I arrived in Zeki's lab, she was totally really to tear into group by their joints. Zeki told me that she's going do something that she should have done before--she tell me later. I went in the looking for the group. The group had end up at wire center, just a main tunnel that leads into the lab. The gang  saw me and took off running again. Surprise of their turns, they come across a part  of the lab, I never saw before. It contained a lot of objects. I remember a  one of the object--a large crystal--from one of the Zeki's old friends, Kniz, a orb that made by Athena, on the behalf of Hades to give to Zeki for helping him. I was in Zeki's trophy room! I saw that Knowus was sleeping at the time, because his pink eyes didn't open when the group past him. We went thought another tunnel, then I lost then on the ten door hall. I decide they may went back to the lobby. I was wrong, I didn't see them, I went back to the lab. Kniz wasn't there. I wonder where he was. I was worry, they were at Zeki's main lab. I checked almost everywhere, then I remember my wallet was missing. Luckily, I didn't have anything to id myself at the time. I finally my wallet in the hands of  Daphne, when I finally found then by the location that Kniz was at. Daphne took out something that was a big clue to Jessica, a piece of my report card from the school. "Who is Ma Din?" Jessica stated it was time for "the ghost girl to go back to night school." Then they left the haunted house for a time period went out the front door. I told Zeki what happen--Zeki just told not to worry, just keep then busy for a few more minutes, they return here before the hour was up. They did return. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were wearing a lamer werewolf costume. I just yanked the costume off them, and we are back running. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were going at jogging pace is time. Surprising, they lead me back into Zeki's trophy room, were Freddie and Daphne yanked a rope under my feet, and landed under a mystery alien machine. It spark for minute, then I worked up by Jessica with my arms tied behind my back. 

"Let's see who's Ghost Girl really is!" Jessica stated as she remove the fake ghost girl's head. The group
yelled "VELMA DINKEY!" 

"What was your first clue?" I muttered. 

Jessica explained, "Well, our first clue was Shaggy fining out that kitchen was stocked, and the locatin of the air condition unit & the speakers, but then this report card with the name of 'MA DIN' on it from your wallet." She tried to show me the picture-but then new voice enter the picture.

Zeki remarked, "She can't see with out her eyeglasses." as she hand me the old eyeglasses. 

The group also knowedgled her. "Zeki? The fighting mermaid. You look a lot better in newspaper." Shaggy remarked.

"She's ill." I remarked as Zeki handed me by normal glasses.

"Ill. Nothing human could kill her." Jessica remarked.

"But mermaid illness is quite incurable. She might have to give up her tail to save her." Velma remarked.

"What's up with Velma?" Daphne asked

Kniz spoken, "She failed Telli's genius machine. Just like I expected happen--if you guys returned. We watched as Jessica picked and tried Velma's arm.

"She was protecting me from being found out." Zeki remarked.

"That's true." I remarked.

"And by the way, I like to a little quiet time with the girls. Zeki, the incurable mermaid illness won't effect the humans, so why don't you feed the males."

Zeki nodded, and took Freddie, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo out of the room.

Kniz explained that Zeki went to look to the future of the group that barged in. Surprising, she saw Scooby-Doo removing fake head of another monster. Freddie yanking a level. And Shaggy, with Scooby-Doo running away from a monster that was a bit
on the alien side. It asked us if we would like to tried it out. Daphne Blake was the first. For minute, Daphne Blake disappeared.

"I didn't think you will become Zeki. If you did, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo make a thump or two in while"

Next, I went. I discover I was near an spooky light house, and standing by was Scooby-Doo & Shaggy, it turns out my future self was getting annoyed by them decide on open the door.

"You are mostly like to the one that solved most of the future creepy capers that the group will be solving." Kniz remarked. "Thought both Freddie and Daphne will the only one that we get close enough to your brain. Keep a good eye on Scooby-Doo & Shaggy for me."

London was last, and afterworlds, we discovered I surprised. Zeki and Stephen were standing next each other. Zeki told out that Stephen and her switch tail. I turns out that Jessica London become Zeki. Jessica's Zeki, decide on leaving and protecting the time. Then Zeki handled over the ball that Scooby-Doo lost. As we left, Freddie told us that Jessica told him that the piece had my home room number. Jessica usually solved fraud crimes for police officers, such as Shaggy's father. We did some regular crime cappers, in which sometimes they discover that when I lost my glasses. The general doctor reveal that when I had glasses on--I had a compete energy circles, which I had gotten from falling into the alien machine--if I lose my glasses.

One afternoon, Shaggy & Scooby-Doo found a truck with armor in the driver set--and our future set with---creepy looking--but fake--ghosts & monsters--such as my Ghost Girl.


Well, I hope you like this. This idea was to reveal how Velma became a genius & the gangs first spooky mystery. 
Write Ya Later, Dr. Thinker

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