Can you see me?

A Velma Love Poem By Bra1n1ac


Can you see me,
Through the glasses that you wear?
If I知 right in front of you,
Do you know I知 there?
Would I melt with shyness,
In your loving stare?
Can you see me?

Do you know me?
Do you know I知 here?
With your great intelligence,
Can you sense I知 near?
To your great perceptions,
Would my thoughts be clear?
Do you know me?

Can you feel me?
Can you feel when I知 around?
Could your skills unrivaled,
Beat my foes into the ground?
If I had you near me,
Would I be safe and sound?
Can you feel me?

Can I meet you?
Am I worthy of your love?
May I ask you if you are,
An angel from above?
Could we be together,
Like a hand and glove?
Can I meet you?

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