2006 Fall Fanfic is Over !! 

And the winner is.....

Toki !
For her story:

Back in the Habit !


Jag, a member of our Yahoo Group, 
ran a new contest this last month! 

(Click on the title to read)

The 2006 Entries Were:

Votes: Name: Description:
10 Back In the Habit
By Toki
Traditional Scooby Caper Novel. Gang tries to solve the case of some missing bones, and get's some help from some guests.
7 The Trial of the 21st Century
by railroadnut_70 
Daphne/She-Ra fanfic. Drama on the high seas! 
12* In The Beginning....... 
by John Likeglass
Maybe out beloved gang came together in a whole different way......
3 Mystery at Munson Mansion
By Mark
The following story contains adult references and descriptions and maybe unsettling to younger readers.  Parental discretion advised.
2 Scare Along The Strasburg
By Jreb
Great story for train lovers! 

Terror at the Tower
By Gillian B, Geoff, & Jaguaro

A special story from anonymous authors! 

*  as these stories were written by the site owner and the contest sponsor,  it was decided in an agreement before the contest 
that they would be disqualified once voting was closed.


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