(As told by author)

All events are not real but some of the places are! Any relation to anybody or anything is coincidental and not intended to tick anybody off even the WB!




                          Jenky was a good Amish man. Jenky followed the rules of his people and his religion. His people did not use the latest technology such as steam locomotives and Jenky hated steam locomotives! The Strasburg Rail Road had been running for almost two decades already near Jenky’s farm between Strasburg and Paradise and points west. Janky loved his cows that gave some say the best milk in Lancaster County. But recently his cows stopped giving milk and Jenky blamed the new fangled railroad! Janky has had enough he drove his buggy down to the tracks while the train approached! “You unclean thing!” he yelled “You are not plain go away you……… It was then the train ran right thought the buggy instantly killing Jenky but not his horses that ran away from the wreck!

                         It has been said that on some nights one can see the ghost of Jenky on the tracks waving his arms and yelling, “You are not plain! -Go away!” The owners of the Strasburg railroad downplay this story-it might scare the visitors away!



                          We all have a secret passion even me! I bet you couldn’t think of what it is in a million years! And I also bet that some of you by just reading this story are indulging in your passion! Hey I’m glad you’re here so your secret is safe with me! Ok have you guessed what my secret passion is? [No it’s not that!] It’s model railroading! Yep I like playing with trains and Shaggy and Scooby Doo ‘do’ too! You guys saw us in the “Mystery Mask Mix up” and how we caught the bad guys using Shaggie’s train set? Sure you remember I bet! That train set became the start of our train layout! I would come over to Shaggie’s house and he would be messing about with his layout and then he roped me into helping him on some electric accessory or whatnot trying to get it to work. Next thing I know I’m going to the hobby shop and buying locomotives and rolling stock and putting my own personal touch on Shaggie’s layout. Yep my reputation as a Tomboy is well earned!



                                We love train shows and going to hobby shops and most of all we like going to see and ride the real thing! And one of the best places for that is Strasburg, Pennsylvania and the Strasburg railroad! Now it was my turn to plain the trip and I knew where I wanted to go and that Fred, Shaggy & Scooby would love it there! I just had to convince Daphne!

 “Geepers Velma why do you want to go see those old smelly choo-choos! All I ever get is cinders in my hair!”                   

“Well Strasburg is near Lancaster and you know what’s in Lancaster don’t you?” 

“What Velma?”

“One of the worlds largest outlet malls dear. It’s only ten minuets away Daphne.”


“ That’s right Daph and plus all the Amish arts and crafts too.” Do ya want a quilt?”

“All right Velma Ill go but I want you to go shopping with me and not just at the hobby shop! You need clothes really bad all your socks have holes in them.”

“OK Daphne we girls will find something fun to do! O! By the way we are sleeping in a caboose.”

 “A CABOOSE! GEEPERS!” Wined Daphne.

“Sure the Red Caboose motel I reserved two cabooses one for us and one for the boys.”

“Well what the heck we’ve been in stranger places.” Laughed Daphne.

Then she added. “Your not wearing you “train” outfit are you?”

“Why yes I’m am I’m not walking around a train yard in a sun dress and sandals!”

“But Velma it’s makes you look like a nerd!”

“But Daphne I am a nerd! I can’t help it really!”

          My Train outfit is a blue denim overall jumper mini dress with railroad patches sewn on it. I can wear it with my orange sweater and socks or tights when it’s cold or a t-shirt and sneakers when it’s warm. Now you may ask your self why after all this time are you changing your color scheme? Well silly orange and blue are Lionel colors! Their logo and packaging are orange and blue, and that’s why it’s my train outfit! Shaggy says I look like a Christmas present but he can’t unwrap me! And Daphne’s right I do need clothes and a sundress wound not be a bad idea.           


                   Now there was one thing we had to do before we left that was to give Scooby a bath in our backyard! Scooby might have a bit of ‘water dog’ in him because he likes to get a bath! [Unlike most dogs!] Or maybe because Daphne and myself where wearing our swimsuits and cutoffs! I have a feeling that the boys are watching in a hidey-hole somewhere and have paid Scooby to play with us girls and then sell the photos to Maxim magazine! [Ill kill em if they did!] But what the heck it is fun. Scooby likes making bubbles and squirting the garden hose at us and we do it back at him. And the next thing we know were all wet but laughing our butts off! And its times like this I’m grateful I have really good friends like Scooby! I play with Scooby like you do your dog. He likes fetch and tug of war and will jump for a Frisbee and for food too. And I like the quite times with him too. Just like a big lapdog he likes his ears scratched and he doesn’t need to talk to tell me he wants that, but he does anyway! Can you tell I love the big lug!   


            “Ok guys have we got every thing now?” Said Fred as he shut the door to the van. Then from the back of the van came a “RALLLLLLLLLL ABORD! WOOO-WOOO!” From Scooby.

“Well I guess where ready –Freddy.” Said Daphne.

“Then let’s get going – WOOO-WOOO! Said Fred.

I never intended for this narrative to be a travelogue but we had a nice trip. We took the Pennsylvania turnpike the country’s oldest interstate hi way. Then I 83 at York to old US 30 the Lincoln Hi way. Then to Strasburg down a two lane country road thought the town and to a half-mile stretch of road that is heaven for train lovers. You can see a plume of smoke far off that’s the Strasburg railroad across the road is the Pennsylvania railroad museum and down the road is the Red Caboose motel where we’ll staying. Behind the hotel is the Toy Train Museum and it’s also the HQ of the Toy Train Collectors Association [TCA]. Back up the road towards town is the Choo-Choo barn that has a layout you can visit plus a very nice hobby shop.


      We got there late so we checked into our hotel Daphne and myself pulled a caboose in Southern Railway livery and the boys got a Western Maryland one.

“Jeepes Velma!” Said Daphne” Are we gonna stay here in this smelly old caboose!”

“Sure Red.” I said while opening the door “And it’s really nice inside not the Ritz mind you but for a caboose not bad.”

On the inside was a homey room with bunk beds and window air conditioners and a TV hidden in a potbelly stove.


   Now some of you might have wonder what Daphne and I do in all those spooky bedrooms and hotel rooms we have shared all this time! [You guys especially] Well I have two answers for you, one: None of your beeswax! Two: Not a darn thing silly! We just have a slumber party, where we girl talk …well about girl things! And frankly I like keeping up with all the “Girl stuff” that Daph knows. I’ve learned a lot from her as she has from me [I think?]! Now that night I was looking in my bag for my jamies just to realize I left them at home. “SHOOT!” I cussed! “I Forgot my jamies, now what am I gonna do?”  It was then that a pink ball hit me on the side of my head. “Here Vel try this it’s my spare nightie. It should fit.” I blushed at the thought of wearing a pink nightgown, but I had no choice! So I put it on and it did fit and I did look nice. Daphne took one look from her romance novel and told me I looked nice and kept on reading. [Did I disappoint you boys out there?] So I rolled into bed and went to sleep but not before I popped in my I-pod so I don’t hear Daphne’s snoring. [Velma Dinkley You know perfectly well I DO NOT SNORE! –D.B.] Well somebody does and it’s NOT ME! It was that night we met Jenky!


      I was tucked into bed listing to some Hex Girls tunes when I herd an “YELP” coming from outside! We know at once it was Scooby! I rolled out of bed put on my slippers and darted outside to find Scooby facing a glowing specter of what appeared to be a figure dressed like an Amish man brandishing a corn knife. “Thou   are not plain you beast!” He kept saying.  He had Scooby cornered against a wall and Scooby finally showing some backbone and was standing up to him by showing his fangs and growling. I thought I would help. I picked up a large piece of gravel, as did Daphne who just joined me. Using the baseball skills that Freddie taught us we threw a fine pair of fastballs at the intruder. Daphne hit him [so I thought] in the midsection while I was aiming for his head missed. Before we had a chance for another shot he turned toward us girls and said, “You hussies are not plain!” Scooby rushed to our rescue and jumped on the glowing figure only to fall thought the ghost and land flat on his face on the parking lot-ouch! Then the spook ran off and disappeared with a poof! I went over to Scooby to see if her was hurt while Daphne explained what happen to the boys who just showed up. ‘Scooby are you all right?” I asked. He raised his head to look at me and other than some minor scarps he was fine. Shaggy joined me and he asked? “Scoob old buddy what happened?” “Rell Rye res wrist doing my business ren rat rost showed rup. [Well I was just doing my business when that ghost showed up.] Rye ras scared Raggy! [I was scared Shaggy!] Ren  ree girls showed rup  rand  yelped race it off!” [Then the girls showed up and helped chase it off] Then he looked up at me and giggled! “Rook Raggy Relma rand Raphne rae rested the rame! [Look Shaggy Velma and Daphne are dressed the same!] Why do I always get into these things! I felt like I was giving the boys a free show and the fact the boys never seen me in pink nightie before! So I just blushed again! JINKIES! By then Fred showed up I explained what happened and together we checked the area out. We found nothing at all, no clues not a darn thing!

“Fred pinch me I think that guy was a REAL ghost!”

“Gee Velma just because we didn’t find anything doesn’t mean he’s real.”

“Well I don’t think it’s a hologram Scooby saw it at a different angle than Daphne and myself. And I think the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s law applies here, whatever the answer however fantastic must be real!”

“Geepes Fred!” Piped up Daphne “I think Velma’s right it looked too real not like a guy in a mask!” Fred thought for a minute then said, “Well do you guys feel like solving a mystery?” Well you know what Shaggy and Scooby would say. I looked at Daphne and then at Fred and then I came to an epiphany. “Hey guys I’m here to ride the train and to shop till I drop plus gawk at the Amish buggies! If this guys real as I think, well not a darn thing we could do for him anyway!”

“Like really man who died and made us Jennifer Love Hewitt anyway let her handle it!” I laughed to myself about Shaggie’s reference about the star of the TV show “The Ghost Whisperer.”

“Ok guys I’m gonna call it!” Said Fred. “We DON’T have a mystery on our hands! Lets go back to bed!”


    The next morning I was just finishing dressing, while Daphne was brushing her hair. I was admiring myself in the mirror [Yes I do that sometimes!] I had on my train dress I told you about earlier plus a scoop neck top in orange and a pair of orange fishnet tights and red sinkers. Now you might me telling yourself  “Velma what the heck is going on! FISHNETS!” Well I’m on vacation! And I thought the hose would look cute with my outfit. [Velma looked really nice kinnda of like a Hex Girl! -DB]

     While Daphne was finishing up dressing I went out side to see what the guys where up to and question the desk clerk. I didn’t see the boys at their caboose so I walked out to the parking lot. But then decided to visit the office first. The girl behind the desk looked like a local girl who sort of overflowed her teddy bear sweater and had a ton of peroxide in her “blond” hair. [Hey I used to be “chubby” and look at Linda Cardelini’s hair! So I don’t judge too harshly.]

“So you all saw old Jenky last night eh?” She said.

“I guess we sure did scared the living daylights out of us.” I said. 

“ That’s all right Miss he looks scary N’ stuff but he’s harmless Miss. Died out at the crossing he lost a game of chicken with a train over a hundred years ago. Sometimes he shows up here or you see him at the crossing at night about six feet in the air like he was still standing on his buggy.”

“Jinkes! Thanks for the information there Ill pass it along to my friends.”

“Oh anit nothing Miss we’re glad to have you kids here. By the way cute outfit I always thought you were a girl.”

“Why thank you.” GOD! I hate that!

When I reached the parking lot I saw the guys hanging around the van and Daphne had just joined them.

“Velma where have been? Said Daphne. Have you been investigating last night when we said we weren’t?”

“Well I couldn’t resist I just talked to the desk clerk and just learned about the legend of Old Jenky.”

‘Godfry Daniels!” said a stunned Fred. “What are you wearing Velma?”

“It’s my train outfit Fred. Don’t I look cute?” Then I did a runway turn and a lady-like curtsy.

“Your like the grooviest Lionel box under the tree on Christmas morning Velma!” Said Shaggy.

“Reah under the tree Relma.”  Agreed Scooby.

“Well you know about being under trees don’t you Scooby?”

Scooby Giggled.        

“ Come here Scooby, you where very brave last night.” I said tickling him under his chin [He likes that bet your dog does too.]” And I don’t have any Scooby snacks right now so how about this.” So I kissed him on the cheek and inhaled that musty doggie perfume but I don’t care as long as it was Scooby.

“Geepers Velma let me kiss the hero too!” And Daphne kissed the other cheek.

“Raaaaah weren’t nothing rrils!” Said Scooby with a big smile.

 “Like wow Scoob your making Fred N’ me jealous!”

Then Shaggy presented me with an engineer hat. “Like we gave one to Fred but Daphne don’t want one cuse she don’t want ‘hat hair’.”

“Cool Shag completes my outfit thanks. Guys let’s go for a train ride!” So we piled into the back of the Mystery Machine and took off.      


        Now this is the Techno babble part of the story. So I hope your eyes don’t glaze over like Daphne’s does. Also you rail fans out there can skip this part because you know most of this stuff. So here goes. All steam locomotives are classified by their wheel placement. You can do this by noting the number of wheels each engine has, and will be seen like this: the pilot [front] wheels drive wheels and the trailing wheels. For instance the General of Civil War fame is a 4-4-0,four plot wheels four drive wheels and no trailing wheels. Switcher or yard locos might be a 0-4[6 or8]-0 no pilot or trailing wheels. Confused yet? Now the Union Pacific’s Challenger or the mighty Big Boy class of engines had two sets of drive wheels called a Mallet class and where 4-6-6-4 and 4-8-8-4 respectfully. Geez Velma no wonder you’re a genus! All these wheel arrangements had names too the 4-4-0 was called the American. The 4-4-2 called the Atlantic. [The type of engine that comes in all the Lionel starter sets!] 2-8-2 like the Strasburg has is for some reason named after the Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Mikado. [Nicknamed the “Mike”] And the Polar Express was a 2-8-4 Berkshire. [Yes I know that kid sounded just like Gibby!] Jinkies have you fallen asleep yet? I could go on all day, your aware I’m ‘a know it all’ don’t you? And there will be a test. But for this story Ill just say there’s a few more wheel arrangements like the 4-6-4 Hudson and the 2-8-0 Consolidation notably. [The Strasburg has one of then too] See I let you guys off easy.                        


           The Mystery Machine rolled into the parking lot and we all piled out. And just a few yards away was a 2-8-0 Consolidation and about five passenger cars. Three coaches a diner car [don’t tell Shaggy and Scooby about that!] and an open observation car. The crew was going over the engine mainly oiling in all the oil cups around the drive rods.

“Oeeeeeeeeee uckie poo it’s smelly!”

“That’s right Daph don’t it smell good! Hey guys take a whiff smell that coal smoke and steam!” I love that smell and I bet all of you who love trains do too! I went to the ticket booth and after showing Scoobie’s rescue, guide, bomb sniffing and contraband sniffing credentials I got our tickets. [Now you know how we get Scooby on all the stuff we do! No need to dress him like grandma!] I thought that the open car at the end of the train was the best for us. Meanwhile I found the boys at the snack bar with evil designs on a shoo fly pie.

“Hey if you guys can wait lets get some food and have a picnic?” I suggested. I know asking Shag and Scoob to wait is asking a LOT! So we bought bag lunches for all of us and fortunately there’s a picnic grove halfway to the Strasburg’s terminus at Paradise. Now this fact was not lost to Shaggy when I handed his and Scooby’s ticket to him the boys started playing air guitar and singing “Two Tickets to Paradise!”[I rolled my eyes!] I started to look for Daphne and Fred and of course found them in the gift shop. Well I knew I was gonna have trouble getting Daph out of there until I found out that there was a book and hobby shop upstairs. Shag, Scooby and I bounded up the stairs! I looked around found some books I might need and made a note to buy them later, as for the hobby shop most of it was HO scale stuff and didn’t need it anyway but it was fun to look! We went back downstairs and pushed Daphne out the door and to the train that was going to pull out any minuet. The Conductor came into the car and introduced himself to us and said he was expecting us and was glad we were here then took our tickets.                   


           Then the train slowly pulled out of the station and picked up speed while leaving the yard. Soon the farms and cornfields flashed by while the nearby speaker spoke a running commentary about the area [including the story of Old Jenky]. Then the train came to a stop and the announcer told a story about a ghost of a defunct railroad and it still made a sound if you blew the whistle it would whistle back. Then locomotive did blow its whistle and it seemed that a ghost train was answering back! Shaggy and Scooby where about to held for the hills! [A GHOST! Lets book Scoob!] Daphne and I grabbed the boys by their collars and I explained that the sound was an echo when the sound wave of our engine’s whistle hit the next ridge across the valley. All this was going on Fred was laughing his head off! The train took off again crossed a small bridge [The line’s only bridge] and soon came to a stop in front of a small shed of a whistle stop station and a surrounding picnic grove.

“Ok guys this is our stop lets eat!” I said. Shaggy and Scooby took off like the solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle while the rest of us fallowed with our pic-a-nic basket. We had nice time even if you take into account we where continually keeping a Grate Dane and a Beatnik’s hands out of the way! We had a shoo fly pie for dessert and the boys had five more pies! After that I felt sleepy and plopped myself under a shade tree and had a nap with Scooby’s head on my lap. [I told you he’s a big lapdog!] I felt pretty good I had my friends in a groovy place with a full tum-tum-I was happy and for once even contented. We watched the train return to Strasburg from Paradise and would wait for its return so we could go on to Paradise ourselves. It was a great chance to take some photos of the run-by.

     After watching the train go by I went back to my shade tree while the guys where playing Frisbee with Scooby. I was getting sleepy again when suddenly I felt a hand grabbing at me. I first thought it was the guys but when he put a cloth over my face with what was [I think?] chloroform put me right out.

     After I woke up I was bound and gagged in the night. My glasses where gone so I was essentiality blind. I searched out and my feet bumped something hard. I suddenly had a freighting thought I was tied to the railroad track! Then if that wasn’t bad enough I felt a vibration in the track! “Oh my god a train is coming!” I thought! I saw a burry light headed toward me! Then a low rumble of a large engine came within earshot! I started to try to roll myself off the track but I was tied down to tight! I have to tell you I was scared to death “No I’m not ready yet! I have a lot of things I have to do!” I mumbled through the gag!  Then the light stopped moving forward-They saw me Thank God!

       I was picked up and untied then somebody put a pair of glasses in my hands. When I put them on I saw it was the gang! I hugged and kissed them all they saved my life after all! “Velma look at what you’re wearing!” stated Daphne. In the flashlight beam I saw that I had been dressed in a black dress and hose, shoes, and a bonnet on my head. In short somebody’s idea of what an Amish girl would wear.  After feeling relief then I got mad somebody ripped off my train dress and left me out here like Penelope Pitstop dressed like an extra from “Witness”!                           

    Then Fred led me over to what was not a locomotive but the Mystery Machine fitted with railroad wheels. “Fred I got to hand it to you! When did you think of this?” I said?

“About two hours ago after Jenky told us you where here!” said Fred. “ And I had these rail wheels and I’m been dieing to try them out.”  So we backed all the way back to our hotel. After spending time busting our knuckles replacing the tiers from the rail wheels Daph and myself went back to our caboose with my portable crime lab. 

“Wait a sec!” I thought, “Fred said Jenky told you where I was Daphne?”

“He sure did we where looking for you all day he popped up and said where you were.”

“Exactly what did he say?”

“Well I think he said was: The plain one you look for is down there. And pointed down the track.”

“HMMMMMMMMM very interesting?”

When we got back to the room I got out all my evidence bags from my kit and then [I’m embarrassed to say this] took off the Amish costume. I was relived to see I still had my original undergarments and hose on, with the black Amish stockings put on over my fishnets. The shoes where cloth Mary Janes really all not hard to get and could have come from any store. Daphne was looking over the dress with rubber gloves.

“Velma look here I don’t think the Amish use buttons but there’s some on this dress. And look at this hears a tag.” LANCASTER COSTUME AND DANCE 3316 so. Lackawanna street Lancaster, PA. I got out the phone book and looked it up the store and was still there it seemed. “Well I think that’s our next port of call Daphne. And I bet you could use a new pair of tights that Freddie likes you in so much.”          

“ME! He didn’t take his eyes off you all day with your fishnets!”

“Then how in the heck did I get kidnapped?”

“Well a girl has to hustle when she’s got competition Velma.” 



       We stated to get ready for bed after a nice long hot shower when I remembered about not having a nightgown. Fortunately there was a scratch at the door. I put on my robe and poked my head around the door jam. It was Scooby at the door handing me one of Shaggie’s T-shirts.” Raphne told Raggy you didn’t have a righty so he’s giving rou ris”. [Daphne told Shaggy you didn’t have a nighty so he’s giving you this.]

“Thanks Scooby you’re a real lifesaver!” As I held up the shirt that on me would reach past my knees. I gave Scooby a travel size box of Scooby Snacks he really deserved it. I closed the door as Scooby bounded away to gobble up his prize.

“Are you sure it’s clean Velma?”

“I don’t think he give me a dirty one.” As I smelled it, the shirt smelled new. I slipped into the bathroom and put the shirt on it fit like a tent, jinkes I could use it as a dress it was so long.

“Ta-Da!” As I stepped out of the bathroom. “Well like what do you think dude?” Talking in my bet Shaggy voice. Daphne changed the subject “You know I think we missed something tonight and I can’t put my finger on it.”

“Like what Daph?”

“Well for one thing why did whoever kidnapped you didn’t grab me instead?”

“JINKES I must have took my stupid pills how did I ever miss that!”

“Maybe it might be a crook we’ve been up against before, Verona, Gibby or some such?” I really had to hand it to Daphne I guess some of me rubbed off on her she’ll be wearing knee socks next. [As long as there pink.-DB]

“Well as soon as I find an Internet connection I think we can find out who it might be. But for now I’m bushed and need to go to bed I just hope we don’t run into anything else tonight-Jinkies I sound just like Shaggy!”


           The next day we girls barrowed the Mystery Machine and Daphne drove to the dance and costume shop. [I was still a little jumpy from last night] The boys didn’t come with us because they didn’t want to go to a ballet store so they thought they might check out the Toy Train museum instead. [I would rather go there myself!] After some traffic jockeying we found the store and a place to park without scratching the paint. We entered the store finding the owner a little skinny middle-aged woman that told me she was an ex-dancer.

“Hello may I help you ladies?” She asked.

“Hi there, yes my friend and I were wondering who might have bought this costume?” We thought Daphne would do the talking and I would nose about the shop looking for clues.

“Well Miss I can’t let that information out.” She replied.

“I understand that but just take a look at it please?” Asked Daphne.

“Yes that’s our Amish girl costume. And I remember the lady who bought this one looked just like a 70’s Country and Western singer! She had bond hair piled up to here!”

She held her hand about a foot above her head. Then Daphne and the owner started small talk between two old ballerinas, while I went nosing around the costumes and not finding anything interesting but more Amish outfits. I went back to the counter and saw Daphne with a whole pile of stuff.

“You gonna buy all that Red?’ I asked.

“I will and I did Hon!” Daphne replied.

“Well what did you get?” I asked again.

“You’ll find out Velma!” She purred!

And after that Daph told me that she got the address out of the shop owner that we needed. She handed me a scrap of paper: S. Mile and Associates 1701 Farm Well Rd. Strasburg PA.

“Jinkies now it’s makes sense and I think your theory was right Daph. S. Mile, smiley or Mr. Smiley our old friend from Mexico! And that has to be his girl friend Charlene who bought the Amish girl costume!”

“Wow Velma how can that be? Shouldn’t they still be in a Mexican Jail or something?”

“Come on Daphne this is Mexican Jail he most likely bribed his way out! I knew I should have had them extradited to the states! -Damm IT!” I know I said a bad word sorry I was mad.

I helped Daphne out with her packages so I was glad we had the van.

“By the way Daph what did you buy?” I asked again.

“I’m STILL not telling you Velma Dinkley but you will find out soon enough!”

‘But I bet if you didn’t buy that stuff we’d never got the address I bet!”

Daphne smiled and said “Well it’s a secret between us old ballerinas nudge-nudge-wink –wink! And a bunch of groovy stuff too, helps to be rich!”

“Yeah and I bet you won’t have to buy tights for the rest of the year!”

“Not only me but you too Velma!”

     When we got back to the Red Caboose there’s a note on the door from the boys saying that they had gone over to the Pennsylvania Railroad museum and to join them there. We gals drove over to the museum walked in and paid the admission.

“Eeeeh! Velma it’s hot in here!” as we walked into the huge cavernous display hall. I didn’t mind being uncomfortable as long as I got to see all the restored locomotives and rolling stock on display.  It didn’t take long to find the boys Shaggy was explaining to Fred why the GG-1 electric Locomotive was important. Daph and I were watching this when she elbowed me in the ribs and whispered: “He’s almost as bad as you!” Heck I was proud of him he was telling Fred enthusiastically about the history of the GG-1!

“Hey guys what’s up!” as we walked to them! “Hey ladies I was telling Freddie about the Washington DC wreck when a GG-1 fell thought the floor of the station.”

“Fell through the floor?” Asked Daphne.

“Sure did Red, the train was a runaway ran out into the station and fell right down to the basement!” I added.

“Well gals did you find out anything?” Asked Fred.

“Daphne did and I think we’re up against an old friend from Mexico.” I said.

“Mr. Smiley! I don’t believe it he’s out of jail!” Said an astounded Fred.

“ Well it’s like I always say man: You just can’t keep a good swindler down!” Added Shaggy. 

“Hey where’s Scooby?” Daphne said looking around.

We found Scooby in the cab of a GP-9 diesel locomotive that was open to the public. He was playing engineer, much to the delight of the museum’s docent who thought that Scooby was just like a big kid. Fred and Daphne where ready to leave but Shaggy and Scooby had a bunch of stuff to show me. So we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the Museum and I really enjoyed myself. Later Shaggy, Scooby and myself highjacked the van and we spent an hour or so at the hobby shop!

“Jinkes this is the first date we’ve been on in a while.”

“ Heck Vel I love to go train shopping with you!”

We bought a bunch of stuff I got a locomotive [A Lionel 0-4-0 switcher] I had my eye on for a while. While Shaggy got a “Robin Hood Beer” box car. [He loves beer cars!] Scooby was happy as a clam in the Tomas the Tank Engine store next door! [He loves Tomas!] We haled our booty to the van and drove back to the hotel poorer but happy. Now we had to get back to the hotel and solve the mystery at hand and make a plan.      


           “Ok I just don’t get it why would Mr. Smiley and Charlene kidnap Velma and what’s he doing here anyway?” Stated Fred.

“Well like heck Fred it’s like chess.” Said Shaggy then he walked over and put his hands on my shoulders. “Our little ole detective here is like a queen or a king piece! You gotta admit she’s our most powerful piece.” [He meant chess pieces you dirty boys!]

“Well I humbly admit it that’s true! Take out Velma and you hamstrung Mystery Inc. big time! I guess.” Shrugged Fred.

“Don’t worry Fred it’s all of us that makes Mystery Inc. work so well!” I said comforting Fred.

“So what we do now go and visit the baddies now that I got their address?” Suggested Daphne.

“Well sounds like a plan to me!” Said Fred.

“Like ok we walk up to the front door and ask; Like hey man you try to off our best friend so now were gonna open up a can of woopass and then sell you guys some copies of “Watchtower too!” Joked Shaggy.

“Shaggy the way I feel right now I wouldn’t mind doing just that!” I said.

“What! Sell em’ some Watchtower Vel.?  Said Shaggy.

“Hey guys remember these for our Virginia trip?” Daphne was holding four black bags.

“NO NO not those darn ‘Cat Women’ leotards again!” Said me!

“Well for us yes, for the boys I got SWAT BDU’s and night vision glasses for all of us except Scooby because he has better night vision than all of us-don’t you Scooby?”

“I ress ro Raphne.”[I guess so Daphne]

“Like so what now we drive over there and make out like the Navy Seals?” Asked Shaggy.

Then Fred thought for a second.”Nope not tonight, tomorrow night. I want to check the place out in the daytime first from the road. Daphne I have to ask you to use your charge card again. Where going to need a disguise. Velma I hope you don’t mind wearing that Amish girl outfit again?”

“After what they did to Velma –darn straight I will!” Said Daphne.

“Thanks Daph! I said. I think I’m way ahead of you here Fred, do you know how to drive a buggy?”

“Well no.”

Daphne spoke up. “You want to rent an Amish horse and buggy? Why geepers I can drive a buggy guys! Get the phone book!

          I think Daphne can get just about anything, anywhere at anytime. She got us an Amish buggy and Amish outfits also fake beards for the guys too! As you know Daphne and I are girls and as girls we love horses! The horse we got to pull the buggy was a mare named ‘Buttercup’. [A Quarter-Morgan cross bread I think? -DB] Daphne went over Buttercup brushed coat mane and tail and checked her hooves too. This made Scooby jealous so I brushed him as well! Fred and I helped Daph hitch up Buttercup to the buggy then we put on our disguises. Daphne couldn’t bring herself to remove her makeup. [Amish girls don’t wear makeup!] I had to comfort her about this but she’s still drop-dead gorgeous – darn her! The boys where waiting outside by the buggy all three of them where wearing beards even Scooby.

“Guys you know what it means when an Amish man wears a beard don’t you?” I asked?

  “Like no Velma? What is it?” Said Shaggy.

Daphne giggled and said. “Why boys it means your married!” She walked up to Fred took him by the arm and added. “Come Husband lets us go now.”

Then I said. “Yes Norvell thy are my husband as well! Bring thy silly dog and let us be gone!” And I took him by the arm. The boys needless to say where nonplussed!

Daphne took up the reins and we took off down the road. Buttercup was a very pretty horse to watch as she moved. She was a real high stepper! All the passing cars honked at us and we waved back. We got to the road where the house was I pulled out my binoculars and took a look around. The house didn’t look out of the ordinary like any Amish farmhouse but the one thing was a sign that said Coming soon Amish Estates A new project by S. Mile & Associates. Jinkes a housing development way out here I thought. Then I saw on the overlooking hill across the road I saw a big black SUV with two figures around it holding field glasses like I was. Hummm the Mob? The Feds? Somebody else was interested in Mr. Smiley too? I turned am attention back to the house. The ground around it was all open with a streambed about fifty yards from the house. I couldn’t see if the house had any floodlights on it but country houses usually did. We passed down the lane a bit further and pulled over.

“ So that’s his game now housing developments!” said Fred.

“Yes and did you see the black SUV on top of that hill too, only the Feds or the Mob drive rigs like that! And getting in there at night will be tough no cover except that streambed and more and likely there’s flood lights on the house.” I added.  Then as we where about to head back we found ourselves surrounded be a bunch of black SUV’ s! I saw to my relief that the trucks had US Government plates on them. A lone man stepped out from behind a car door walked over to us and said.

“Hi kids nice disguises there!” He said.

 “Like how did you guys know it was us G-Man dude?” asked Shaggy.

“Amish folks don’t own Great Danes and their dogs DON”T wear beards either! By the way let me introduce myself my name is Special Agent Richard Breckenridge FBI. Now if you guys could go back to your hotel and freshen up we can meet at meeting room at the Strasburg railroad depot and we can discuss what is really going on here. Oh and we’re real big fans of you guys and your not in trouble.”

“T-Thanks sir.” Stammered Fred.

     We got back to the Red Caboose and the people who owned Buttercup and the buggy picked them up. [BTW Buttercup was a real trooper. She’s a real sweetheart!]

We changed our clothes got back into the van and went back to the depot. We where ushered into a conference room with a bunch of law enforcement types. But first we were introduced to the president of the Strasburg Rail Road.

“Miss Dinkley we where real sorry to hear what happened to you. If you kids come back tomorrow morning we will make it up to you!” Then he handed us five tickets. “If you want we could arrange a cab ride for you kids too?”

“Shaggy pinch me!” I said. “OUCH!” Then Shaggy pinched me, well I asked for it!

“Thank you on behalf of Mystery Inc. we accept thank you we be there bright and early.” I said this before Daphne could put a world in edgewise. We shook hands I really love the folks there! They work like dogs [Well not like Scooby!] to keep the old steamers running. Then the meeting started.

     “OK troops this will be the final briefing before tonight’s festivities and to full in our guests and colleagues from Coolsville and also from Mexico.” Said agent Breckenridge at the front of the room. “Since Mr. Smiley left Mexico he has gotten into the real estate market here in the Lancaster area. He’s been quietly buying up land along the Strasburg right of way. We don’t know why he’s doing this but due to his past actives we think he’s developing a site for a theme park.” He went on. “To make the capital for the park he has defrauded citizens out of their money. Our job tonight is to raid the house and arrest Mr. Smiley and his accomplice Charlene and anybody who might be there as well! And thanks to Miss Dinkley we can charge them for attempted murder! As you know Miss Dinkley and her friends arrested Smiley down in Mexico in the first place, also for land fraud. And speaking of our Mexican friends Captain Ramón of the Mexican National Police is here because they would like to have him and his girlfriend back as guests.” A dark man with slicked back hair stood up across the room. “OK you know what you have to do! No need to go over the tactical situation now! Just watch your backs and be careful please folks! That’s all good luck!”  The meeting was over I went up to Agent Breckenridge.

“Sir I’m going ask this not for the gang just me could I come along sir?”

“Sure why not you have a personal stake in this –can I call you Velma?”

“Why yes you can call me Velma and thank you!”

“You can call me Richard Miss-er Velma be back here at six.”

“Thanks Rich I want to help nail that SOB!”

        I had put on my ‘Catwoman’ outfit and was putting on my Tac- Vest. Checking my night vision glasses and other gear I added. Daphne asked me to turn around and I herd the scratching sound of Velcro across my back.

“Now take a look Velma!”

I saw in a mirror a backwards “Mystery Inc.’ written in yellow on back of the vest that was covered by a fabric strip.

 “Now all everybody will know who you are as long as you’re representing us kids!” she said. I was gonna ask Fred to drive me over to where cops where setting up for the raid, but I was met at the door by Fred and Shaggy in there BDU’s and Scooby in his assault vest.

“Guys you don’t have to go!” I told them.

“Like heck no Velma I said a long time ago: you pick on one of us you pick on ALL of us! Remember?”

“Yes Shaggy I do and you guys saved me that time too.”

“So lets go guys times a-wasting!” I turned around to see Daphne in her ‘Catwoman’ suit with her boots in one hand.

“Ok Mystery Inc. mount up!” Ordered Fred!

And as we drove away Shaggy told me: “Remember what Matt said in the movie: “We’re the heroes!” I almost cried.

   We drove up to the assembly point and I have never seen so many cop cars. Even an armored personal carrier. [That’s a tracked vehicle that’s like a tank but it’s not.] I reported to Agent Breckenridge and I told him about the gang’s decision. He told me he expected that about us anyway and just stay out of the way. But where have we ever done that! I went back to the van and said it was cool to be here. Fred was pulling out our new toy. It was two guns that looked like tear gas launchers about three feet long with small cylinders for the stock like paint ball guns. Because in fact they started out as paint ball guns and the cylinders where the compressed air reservoir! Fred and myself modified them to shoot a capture net. Trouble is we haven’t field-tested them much! [Maybe we would that night!] Then we set up our hidey-hole to watch the fun of the raid. The SWAT guys where to go on a red flair signal then they would rush the house and a Black Hawk helicopter with a high power searchlight and FLIER inferred system to obit the area.     

           The SWAT snipers where set up and then the flair went up and the raid started. No one had left the house all day and the lights where on inside the house. The SWAT guys broke down the door with a battering ram. Then quickly went through the whole house including the attic and the basement but they didn’t find anybody! The house was completely empty! I had my radio tuned to the police channel and was just as surprised as anybody. I then had an epiphany and got on the radio to Agent Breckenridge to look in the streambed fifty yards from the house. Then I took off on my own running across the field with my capture gun at port arms. The gang wondering what the heck I was doing soon followed and before I knew it Scooby was at my side. Then I stopped at the edge of the gully that made up the streambed while the rest of the gang reached me. I told Fred, Shaggy& Daphne to stay put and then Scooby and myself dropped down into the gully. I told Scooby to sniff out anything that smelled like Mr. Smiley. We worked down the bed a few yards then Scooby stopped and pointed to the side of the gully. Looking closer to that area I could see the wooden framework with vegetation covering it I knew at once it was a tunnel entrance. I told Scooby to go back and get Fred and then I touched and wiggled the edge of the framework. I was met by a blast of automatic weapons fire. Ok we where in time they where still in there. I heard a sound behind me and saw it was Fred and Scooby headed my way. I told Fred over our radios to tell Scooby to go back I would join him. I went back to Fred.

“Velma what the heck is going on where did that gunfire come from?” He whispered.

“Well Fred When the Cops didn’t find our friends in the house I had a hunch there might be in a old tunnel running from the basement, maybe left over from the Underground Railroad judging from the age of the house.”

“Geez Velma I feel like Tom we got Jerry in the mouse hole!”

“And this time Tom’s gonna kick Jerry’s butt!” I said!

  By then the SWAT guys [And gals too.] showed up and I showed them where the tunnel mouth was. Daphne and Shaggy later told me that ever one of the SWAT assault force that came by Scooby petted him on the head before going into the gully of the bed. [The K-9 dogs even sniffed their hellos!] The police deployed their people around the tunnel and the Black Hawk was then shinning there light around as well! Mr. Breckenridge got us kids together. “We’ll take it from here now kids. I must say Velma a pretty slick piece of sleuth work I guess you ARE a genius!”

“Well Rich your darn tooting I’m am!”

    It didn’t last long after that! After a few tear gas shells Mr. Smiley and Charlene came out and surrendered. After the crooks where manhandled out of the gully we made sure that perps walked by us.

 “Hey Smiley didn’t get away with it again did you ol’ rascal! Think twice before tying a lady to the tracks!” I yelled. Then Shaggy added in “Like you would have gotten away with it if wasn’t for us” and we all joined in “Meddling Kids!”  You could have heard the ‘Harrumph!” from a mile away while Charlene and he where bundled in to the paddy wagon. All the cops had them big smiles on their faces. Rich Breckenridge asked me inside the house and took me over to a corner where a pile of stiff was located. I saw at once it was my train dress, top and, my glasses with one lens broken. I told him it was mine and now it was proof I was there before unconscious. And those items where now evidence against Smiley! And did prove his downfall but that’s still in the future. Also later we found out the net capture guns didn’t work! -Shoot! [Back to the drawing board!]       


      When we got back to the Red Caboose hotel I just couldn’t sleep so I stayed up for a while setting on the end of our caboose that made a nice porch. Scooby was walking by back from ‘doing his business’ and I asked him to sit with me. He sat down in the lawn chair next to me. His tail sticking out between the fabric strips then he reached over with his foreleg/arm around my shoulders.

“You silly dog do you think you’re my boyfriend or something!”

“Ray not Relma I rove rou. [Why not Velma I love you.]

“I love you too Scooby!” And gave him a hug! Just then Jenky showed up I stood up and walked over to the ghost. “Jenky my friends told me what you did thank you very much I owe you my life.”

“Your welcome child I did not like those two making out like we Amish might be responsible for your death! And thy are plain like my wife who I miss very much you remind me of her.” 

Then a sound came from behind me that could only be a steam locomotive. I knew the Strasburg did not run then at night and I was right. It was an old 4-4-0 engine pulling four passenger cars. The train pulled to a stop in front of the hotel and a ghost of a man and a woman walked out.

“Jenky my husband there you are!” Said the woman. “Do you not recognize your wife?”

“Yes I do my wife have you come to get me?” He asked.

“Yes we have to take you to gory come I have missed you my love.”

She did look a bit like me she was a short with dark hair-at least I think so under her bonnet. The couple embraced and walked arm and arm back to the train. Then the ghost of the man came over to me he looked somewhat familiar and dressed all in black.

“Evening Miss Dinkley.” In a deep southern accent. “Thanks for what you did for old Jenky the help he gave you let his soul be freed to go to glory.”

“I was happy it all turned out the way it did sir. By the way I didn’t get your name?”

“They call me Johnny and get out from under the chair dog, you guys won’t be riding for a long time yet. We have to go now more lost souls to pick up, Night and thanks Ms. Rodg-eh Miss Dinkley.” The man in black walked back to the train and it highballed away like a dragon!

“Scooby dear is there any more room under that chair?” I asked? Well I have to admit I was spooked too!

  The next day was fun well the first part anyway. As promised we got to ride all the way to Paradise and back in the cab of #969 a consolidated locomotive a 2-8-0. [remember the test.] The Engineer and Fireman showed us all the controls and for while they let us take over! AH MAN the power at your hand to move a huge machine it’s a REAL kick! They where good to us too Shaggy had an idea to place Scooby in the Engineer’s window just to see the look on people’s faces when they saw a dog apparently driving the train and they let us do it! [Don’t worry the Engineer was in control.] The kids loved it their parents gave us really funny looks that was a real kick too! When we got back to Strasburg we did thank them and they did thank us. The President asked if we would come back for the mystery train ride in the fall. We said we’d think about it and if the gang didn’t go I just might. Now we checked out of the Red Caboose and while we where leaving the Lancaster area Daphne had an announcement she had booked us at the Grand Hershey Hotel for a few days!

“WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Like Chocolate Town USA buddy!” Said Shaggy!

“ Hey Raggy remember rocolate can Kill ME!” Said Scooby.

“Oh sorry buddy but cool roller coasters WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!”


    Once again I was restrained in a basement against my will! Was this fiend some master criminal-nope! Miss Daphne Blake was this fiend! She had me in the Hershey hotel’s spa coved in chocolate wrapped in some kind of clear wrap!

“I feel like a candy bar Daph!”

“Well I’m covered in chocolate too buddy. And I like it too-and I bet you do as well!”  

We where lying on tables and I had to admit I felt pretty good, what girl wouldn’t like to be covered in chocolate anyway! Later we where cleaned up and then put in chocolate milk baths and I felt really good! Then that sneaky Daphne did something to me she’s never gotten away with normally-I HAD A MAKE OVER! [Hardest work I ever did! -DB] I won’t go into details but I fell asleep and when I woke up I was in the bed in my room dressed in a robe and when I put on my specs I noticed my self in the mirror. I had on makeup and my toenails where painted a rich red. [Velma likes hot rod red! – DB] My hair was ‘done’ too! I burst out of my room with blood in my eye and Daphne was my target! I found her in her room and she had just finished dressing.

“Daphne how could you! I trusted you! You know how I feel about this short of thing! Look at me I look like-“

“A GIRL VELMA! Or maybe more like a lady you keep telling me you are! Come on Vel you deserve this; I’ve noticed you and Shaggy lately he deserves this too! You taken care of all of us saved me a bunch of times. Well I can take care of you too, but if you want to punch me in the mouth well go ahead! But Ill let you know one thing you’re my beast friend and my hero too so go ahead!”

Well that took the wind out of my sails. And after all I’ve been though the last few days I guess I just broke down.” I’m sorry Daphne I don’t know what to [Sniff] say.”

“Say thank you Velma! I’m just sick to death of people saying Daphne’s the ‘feminine one’ well there’s TWO girls of Mystery Inc. and it’s time the whole world knows it!”

“Ok thanks Daphne Ill never be confused for a supermodel but I guess I don’t look too bad.”

Them Daphne took out a big box and set it down on the bed in her room. She explained this was the stuff she bought me at that dancewear store. It was my first “little black dress” with hose and shoes as well. So I put this stuff on and I had to admit Red knows what she’s doing I did look good! Then we went down to the restaurant where the boys where waiting for us, our new shoes clopped across the lobby sounding like the Queen’s Household Cavalry on parade. When we met the boys it was in the hotel’s fancy-est restaurant Shaggy pulled out the chair for me!  We sat next to each other and made googol eyes. He made me feel like I was special, like a real lady!


     After dinner we went to Hershey Park and took a ride on most of the rides. I like roller coasters but I’m really a bumper car girl! And for once I did have somebody to go through the Tunnel of Love with-one of my best friends! [And I’m not going to tell you what we did!] And I don’t know how Daphne did it, but she found a groovy nightclub and we danced the night away! We returned to the hotel I really felt good but heck I had a night out with people I care about! Later I was out on the balcony watching the park across the valley and the lights go out as they closed down for the night. [Just like that night at Funland-remember?] Shaggy came out and snuck up behind me and put a blanket around my shoulders.” There you looked cold Velma.” He said.

“Thanks Shag I guess I was.” That dress was sleeveless and I was a bit chilly.

“Wow you look really good tonight Velma! I mean well –you look –

“Like a girl Shaggy? I partly did this for you silly you better like me like this you won’t see me this way often.”              

  “Yeah I guess so but I like paying you complements weather you like it or not! Like that time in Scotland at the Renaissance fair and you wore that gown with the-

“That darn Henning! [cone hat] God I hated that thing I bet you could see the top of thing when I was in a crowd!”

 “But you did look cute but Scoob and me where seared to death to tell you that, you where really mad.”

“You thought I was CUTE! Jinkies I was madder then a wet hen I’m sorry Shag.”

 I changed the subject. “Shaggy what are we gonna do I’ve had a lot of job offers and I need to take one. Lockheed just won the contract for the new moon lander project and they want me so do a number of important archeology digs as well.”

“I guess where not kids anymore Velma. And I guess hooking up like we have was a bad idea. Scooby and me have had an offer from my uncle to work for him and I guess were gonna take it too. And I guess now we could never stay together long. Heck we’re just two different people I guess we could never work anyway.”

 “WORK! Shaggy Rodgers I would like to try silly! You and Scooby are the best part of me you guys taught me how to laugh, but more importantly you taught me humanity! After Scorpion Ridge I saw how much you two needed somebody to take care of you and I want to do that! You opened up my mommy side I guess.” Then Shaggy wrapped the blanket around me and this is where I’m going to leave you guys here. Ill leave the rest up to your imagination.

    After being kiddnaped, bound to a railroad track, shot at and ‘forced’ to undergo an evil makeover. You would think I would need a vacation from my vacation! And you would be right; Daphne let me spend a few restful days at Stately Blake Manor! I really appreciated being there I got to rest by the pool and read. And I have to hand it to her ‘man’ Jenkins he kept a cooler full of my favorite sodas just for me! I had admit I was, as Scooby Dee would say ‘high cotton’. Shaggy would come by an take me out for a date and I also have to think I’ve got this girlfriend thing down pat and he really has become a gentleman, jinkes he even held the door open for me-hey I like that!

One night Shaggy told me something I thought was totally out of character for him. He told me his ‘dream’. He took me by an old rundown restaurant and jimmied the door open and took me inside. “Well Velma what do you think of ‘Shaggies’?”

“Shaggy this place is a dump it would take a lot to fix it up.”

“Well yeah it would take a lot of work but think of it all the stuff we’ve collected over the years we could park it all here! And the old van Fred has in his backyard will be on display here in the lobby! And lets face it we got storage lockers full of masks and costumes and my dad [Chief Rodgers] has a bunch of stuff in evidence lockers too and we can put it all here.”

“Shaggy what are you thinking of a museum or a eatery?” 

“Both Vel like the Hard Rock we could sell burgers and ribs, chicken fried steak and sundaes and malts too the kinnda of food we like, diner food!

“Jinkies! Shaggy this is a grooviest idea you ever had! The chamber of commerce and the local museums have been bugging Fred and me about donating stuff, but this is a better idea!”                       

 “Cool Velma but I want to call it Shaggies and like in the old movie ‘Casablanca’ everybody goes to Rick’s. Well in Coolsville everybody goes to Shaggies!”

“Somehow I can’t see you and Scooby in white tux jackets.”


  The last thing I want to tell you guys about is how I got back at a certain redhead for a certain makeover. Like the old Klingon proverb revenge is a dish best served like gazpacho soup-cold! I can shop too, and one day while we where by the pool I gave Daphne a big box of stuff I bought! I told her I was going to give her a ‘Velma makeover’!

“A Velma makeover oh lord are you gonna wipe off my makeup?”

“Nope just open the box.”

She did and inside was a purple pleated skirt [Hey that rhymes! Like paper pirate hat. ] And a pink turtleneck sweater and knee socks plus a pair of Mary Jane shoes in lavender.

“Oh Velma it’s daring I will wear it thank you! I know Fred loves the school girl look too so he won’t take his eyes off me.”

“Fred likes ‘my look’?” I said.

“Like I said before a girl has to hustle when she’s got competition.” Then she added. “I got something for you too its upstairs so we can try it all on.”

We bounded upstairs to Daphne’s room and she walked over to her closet and pulled out a clear plastic clothes bag. Inside was an orange and red version of Daphne’s dress with red pumps and orange tights.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to give you this but I thought I would make you mad or something. Hey lets freak the boys tonight for dinner!”

“You mean I dress like you and vice-versa?”       

 “Sure do Velma lets play with the boys heads and have a little fun too.”

So I put on the ‘Daphne’ outfit and I had to once again admit I looked pretty nice and Daphne looked really groovy in her ‘Velma’ outfit.

     Dinner was very interesting. The boys noticed our costume changes and there eyes where popping out of their heads.  I sat down next to Fred and Daph next to Shaggy. Then we began our reverse role-playing: “Geepers Freddie I’ve had a trying day first I had my hair done then I broke a nail then I got a nasty run in my hose while at the mall.”  Then it was Daphne’s turn: “Jinkies I spent the whole day cataloging my molds and spores collection.”

“Ok girls was going on are we having opposite day or something?” Asked Fred?

I smiled and gave our fearless leader a smile and a hug and then got up and changed places with Daphne. Then kissed Shaggy on the cheek and said: “I guess we are Fred and by that look on your faces you guys like what you see. Hey! Where’s Scooby?” Scooby popped his head out from under the table to where he was paying all of his attention to a beef bone. “Rice ress Raphne eh Relma.” He said and then went back to his bone.

“Like you gals should do it more often you look groovy.” Then Shaggy gave me a bouquet of roses I’ve trained him well I guess.

        The next day Shaggy and I had a picnic. Scooby kindly let Daphne and Fred dog-sit him. We went back to our old clubhouse by the pond and I made my potato salad and fried chicken. [Yes I like to cook!]Shaggy bought his chocolate covered corn on the cob [Hey don’t laugh it’s pretty good!] and his special beans. [Don’t ask me what makes them special!]I had a bit of news to tell him and I wanted just one more good day with him anyway.

“Shaggy that was really good, your corn is getting better.”

“Like thanks Vel. I started using sweet corn and I think this dish works out well at least you guys will eat it.”

“God Shaggy I don’t want this to end but well…”

“Like what did you get a job?”

“Yes I did Norvill just got a E-Mail from Prince Omar and they just stated a dig at the Valley of the Kings and he does need me there so it’s back to Egypt for me I guess.”    

“So like it’s over for us?”

“No heck no I don’t want it to end! I’ve too much invested emotionally in you Scooby and the gang I don’t this to end and you and Scooby can visit you did before.”

“Ok Velma Scooby and me can come with you, heck he’s a good archaeologist you know how he’s likes to dig.”

“Yes he sure does Shaggy.”

“I guess I have some news too Velma, I’ve taken that job for my uncle so we’ll be busy for a while before we can join you in Egypt. Besides he’s rich so just think of all the stuff we can add to the train layout!”

“Ok Shag Ill wait for you guys. I won’t feel complete without you boys like a mom without her kids I guess.”

“Then come over here and give your boy a hug Mom.”

I gave Shaggy a hug.


“Yes Shaggy.”

“Is there any more chicken left? And tell that Prince Omar you’re spoken for!”

“Yes Shaggy I will.”

“Thanks Velma!” [BOYS!JINKES!] 


                                              THE END!





 Juts a small note some of you might be thinking have I lost my intellect or something? Well I haven’t I was on vacation! This explains my train dress and fishnet hose.  And this was a story of one of our adventures not a formal scientific paper that I can guarantee to put you asleep!

Also I like to thank my old [OLD! -DB] buddy Miss Daphne Blake my friend, and mentor of ‘girl stuff’! Also did you notice she came up with the idea that broke the case! [Your welcome! –DB] And that she’s been adding her remarks to this narrative when ever she thought appropriate! Alicia Siverstone [In Scooby 2] was wrong I know what Daphne does for the gang and now you do too!

  And HEY thank you guys too for reading this! And to Jreb for putting up with my ramblings! [I think he wants to be my boyfriend too.] Ill end this tome by quoting Norville and Scoobert: May the Lord take a likening to you and give you a Scooby snax! -Velma