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Click here, and I'll tell you what's on my mind!An Interview With Velma Dinkley
No, there's no interview with Freddy!   It's my site!Ever wonder what Velma thought about the gang? Where she grew up? What it was like for her in school? Get the answers here! Updated  with questions about the movie! 

Ask me! I'll try to answer all your questions!Ask Velma! 
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This is our question and answer page! 

Who Me?Velma in 
Fashion ?
A recent Lens Crafter's commercial had this girl on.... Is Velma in Fashion?  What will Daphne do!

Also: The Velma Dove Soap Commercial

I like them! A Girl and her Glasses 
Half the Email we receive concerns Velma's glasses!
This page is for all the people who ask the question: Why do you need glasses, and how do glasses work?
The Many Faces Of Velma!

A look at how the voices behind the character have changed the character through the years!

The Velma Barbie Doll

In January 2003, Mattel introduced it's own line of Scooby dolls! Here's some cool pics sent in by a fan!

All Things Velma and Dinkley !

Check out all the places named after our hero! ... OK, probably not, but still some neat places! 

(aka Mlle. Dinkley )
Guess who she went out as for Halloween ! .... And hear how she got kicked out of a theme park for looking like Velma! Also, check out her Website.
Velma gets a Makeover!
Not her idea, but this happened on the second season of WNSD! 

...and also on a Dove shampoo commercial !

What Really Frightens Velma? 
We found out on 3/12/05!


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