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December 2005 Edition

Jreb Asks: Hi there again Velma.Im looking foward to the new DVD. I noticed [in the DVD plot] your doing some freelance work on an archaeological dig. Is archaeology something your thinking about getting into as a full time career? Writer Michel Wood says that archaeology is the most romantic of all sciences. What do you think? What historical time-civilization do like working with?

Velma: I would never give up the Mysteries! But alas, Michel Wood is correct in that statement. After all, isn't archaeology all about solving the greatest mysteries? As for a time period, Jinkies, that's a tough one. As you can tell, ancient Egypt is high on my list. But, the Inca's are such a fascinating study too! There are so many, and so little time! 

allypally Asks:  are u really the geek of the group?

Velma: Gee, Thanks....  I guess if the glasses fit.... 

Ritchie  Asks:  Hey Velmster, I really dig the outfit. Where can I buy a pleated skirt and orange turtleneck and matching knee socks for my wife. Not talking a costume, but the full fledged clothes. You look quite hot in them so I figure my wife would also!

Velma: I'll never tell!  Only kidding, but it is just a collection of rather ordinary clothing, some may be a little out of current fashion but given enough time, they will be back! They always are.

Hurricane  Asks: Hi Velma my name is Allison and I wanted to know if you do a SD3 can I be in it. am very smart talented and every body loves me thanks.

Velma: Actually, right now, WE are just hoping to be in it! 

J.D.Carr  Asks: Hi Velma, When did you discover that you are attracting by mysteries ?

Velma: You mean attracted to? I think I was born with that trait! I can't remember a time that I was not intrested. 

Mark59_us  Asks:Dear Velma, I like the live action movies and wanted to know if you liked Linda Cardellini's portrayal of you. I think she was a dead ringer but I wanted to know if you approved or disapproved? Thanks!

Velma: I thought she did a great job! 

Velma  Asks: ok all my friends say i look exactly like you, and im thinking about dying my hiar, oh jinkys i spelled hair wrong, and wait, jinkys i do look and talk like you, i just dont know im not even that smart, are you that smart, or ust rich? i want to know because i say jinkys wayyy too much and yeah i look exactly like you but now that ive lost weight i dont, i think, gosh jinkys now i think that im going for the Napolean Dynamite look, jinkys, i even have the same glasses as you, nevermind im going to stay looking like you, bye

Velma: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.....  Wait.    You don't look like me because you lost weight?? 


Irma  Asks: Hi Velma, my sister told me about ask Velma (she probably has asked ou a question already) and I wanna ask something but FIRST, Did you hear that Scooby Doo 3 is in development? It's true. And another thing, 1. Do you think that Fred and Daphne should be married in SD3?

Velma: Well, we can't possibly get through a month without the Fred / Daphne question, can we?  I really have no idea! Sometimes it seems to be the most logical thing. At other times it seams totally preposterous! I guess we are all going to have to wait and see with those two.

nesha  Asks: i loved this show since i was one years old and i wanted to ask you will their be a new episod soon i really hope it is so i can collet it so it can go to my colletion i really love scooby doo

Velma: We have a movie coming out this month, "Where's my Mummy?" As for the TV series, we have plenty of adventures but we have to wait and see if the powers that be decide to start filming them again! 

ace  Asks: hi velm I AM A BIG FAN of you & the others. I need your help with one thing. See my problem is I am in a new school were I fell as if nobody wants to be my friend .please VELM tell me what i should do.

Velma: Someone else asked this question awhile ago. I may not be the best person to ask as I don't always hit off friendships too well. But, since you asked, BE YOURSELF! When you are the new kid on the block you always have to try a little harder, but don't be someone who is not you! 

Cody Asks: Dear Velma hi! I've got1 question. do you I like the pterodactyl ghost? 

Velma: You must be referring to our second live action movie.  I can not say that I do, but then again, I don't really acknowledge the he was real, other than he was brought to life by artificial means. The original one was a man in a mask.

apirl  Asks: yoyoyo its apirl i realy like your show its funny. i am 9 years old. could you make a new show couse i have seen all of them take it easy bye 

Velma: All of them? There are over 300!  Anyway, we just got done "Where's my Mummy" and are working on some other projects. I love to do the shows, but I suggest you write Warner Brothers and tell them how much you like the shows and that you want some new ones! 

Fiona Asks: Your website is excellent even though, I prefer Daphne. 

Velma: Gee, thanks! ...... I think.......

munchkin Asks: Do you like wearing glasses? Do you lose them a lot in scooby-doo 1 and 2 ?

Velma: I like that I can see when I wear my glasses. Does that count?  I don't think anyone who wears glasses totally likes the concept. As for loosing them, I think that has been blown out of proportion. It happens every now and then, but that's about it.  

tuttu Asks: hey velma how are you doing im new to this e-mail bit but ive been looking up this site since year 98. i'd all but forgotten about the seris since. untill I flew to south Carolina and came across it on cable. They just don't show it enough over hear in Great Brit I don't have digital tv yet I'm glad they've bought scooby doo bag I on the other hand still like the original! I'm lerning Inupiaq (innuet wich is spoken in a tiny part of Alaska My qustion is what are favourite films. Mine Brother bear though ive never been to Alaska Thank you for reading my E-mail I think your site is great!

Velma: I am more into the classics, but much like the archaeology question above, it is hard to choose favorites. Someone asked me this last month and I did mention "The Wizard of Oz."

Scooby Fan Asks: hi velma i only want to know if fred had a broken leg

Velma: Odd question. Good memory! Back in 2002, we were chasing after a snow creature (There's No Creature Like Snow Creature) and Freddy had a bit of a problem. As to if it was a sprain or a small fracture, it depends who you ask!

Well guys, I'm off for the Holidays! 
Hopefully, it will be restful with no unexpected mysteries! 
(Even I need a break once and a while!)  
See you all next year!


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