How Questions are selected for Ask Velma

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You must be a member of "Velma's Forum" to post a question.  Currently we are reworking 
"Ask Velma" with hopes of making it better. When we are up and running, Questions will be posted through  a blog. 

A little bit about how the questions get selected: 

We try to select about 15 to 20 questions a month. Here are some of the filters we use in making the selection.

  • Content. Is the question rude, or contain foul language?
  • Spam, or other advertisements are removed.  
  • Has the question been asked before?
  • Is the answer somewhere else on the site?
  • Does it stay within the character of the show?
  • Did the question come through intact?
  • Will it be easy for visitors to read?
  • Does the question have an actual answer?
  • Is the question in some way related to the show?

Usually, this narrows the field of questions down to about 50. We still need to filter a bit more. Here is some of the way in which we make the final cut.

  • Has the writer sent in more then one question that has made the cut? If so, the questions may be consolidated into one or two entries. The best of this will then be posted.  
  • Do some of the questions overlap? If so, the best phrased question wins.
  • Random selection. If there are still too many, we have to leave some out.

If you sent us a question that was not published, you are not alone. Feel free to send in another. What may get crowded out one month, may work fine the next.  Some people send in multiple questions, and we try to get to them, but quite frankly, they are most likely to get cut in a busy month because they take more time. "Ask Velma" is updated about once a month. Sometimes, it takes longer. This is especially true if there is a lot of work being done elsewhere on the site.  

"Ask Velma" questions are answered by a team of Velma experts, ranging from the east to the west coast of the USA, and as far away as New Zealand. All questions are then reviewed here and a consensus is reached before the monthly page is put together. Are you a Velma expert?  If so, write me at and we may ask you to try your hand at it! 

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