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November 2005 Edition

J.D Carr Asks: Hi Velma, I appreciate a lot your presence in Mystery Inc. Cause without your intelligence the gang can't go anyway. If not, do you still study or not and what are or was studying ?

Velma: I am a student of life and the mysteries she presents! NEVER stop learning !

SID Asks: Velma, why are you so fascinated with monsters?

Velma: I am more fascinated with uncovering the truth. 
(Which usually can be found behind the monster mask!) 
Sometimes, the real monsters can be found behind the human faces that are under the masks, no matter how innocent they may look! 

Chenee Asks: Why are you interested in facts? 

Velma: Facts do not lie. I find that very appealing. 

invisible fan Asks: Do you know if a third live action scooby movie is in the works???

Leah Asks: I've seen both the Scooby Doo movies and I really like them. I was wondering if they were planning on making a third one and when.

LAURA Asks: Hi velma my name is laura and i'm Brazilian. My question is if Fred will ask Daphne to marry him again, in another movie? Theres going to be a SD3? Thanks!

Velma: I still do not know if there are any plans for another movie. I think our last one did well considering the time in the season it was released. Still, producers and distributors want to make a lot of money and I donít think they felt they did. I will let you all know if I hear anything! As for the Fred question, that is best directed to Fred!   ;)

Rub Asks: Do u have a boyfriend?

Velma: Not at the moment. Unless you are talking about you-know-who, but I'll never tell ! 

Pete Asks: Do you ever get really angry ?

Velma: Who, me? Anger serves no useful purpose. As a person with scientific mind, I understand this and I do not let the emotion distract me. Nothing can be accomplished by loosing one's temper and pummeling some blond idiot who may... 
er... ummm... ahhh.. ............

Jinkies !  ........   I really try to avoid it.  

Thorn Asks: Velma, will I ever see the Hex Girls again?

Velma: They have a way of showing up in our lives every now-and-then, so I would say yes.

torri jasper Asks: Hi velma, i'm your biggest fan (i bet you get that a lot) what is your favorite book you read because i know you own a book store and you are a bookworm i read you and the gang books movie books and fairy tales my favorite is the Wizard of Oz and sometimes i dreamed that you was dorothy and snow white and you know what i think of you as.

Velma: Bookworm, eh? I guess I am guilty of that. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorites as well. I never envisioned myself as Dorothy though. Iím too afraid I would have to take the Tin Man apart to see how he works! (Only kidding!) Also, I think Scooby would be a little too big for the part of Toto! ...... see what I mean ?

Toki Asks: Hey Velma, I got a question for you. What ever happened to your skateboard? Do you still use it now and then? Have you made any modifications on it since when you were little?

Velma: Wow. Memory lane! I remember that skateboard and I am sure it is somewhere, although its location slips my mind at the moment. My latest attempts at balance with a similar vehicle were met with mixed results. I may have to dig it out and practice. You know how I like a good challenge! 

cartoonist101 Asks: How come Velma was so shy and only talked once in a while in "A Pup Named Scooby Doo?" and why did Fred, Daphne and Velma get sacked once Scrappy Doo arrived?

Velma: Gives me the creeps to hear of myself in third person! I guess I started out life thinking that if you didnít have something important to say, you should remain quiet. I got over that! As for the second half of your question.... Grrrrr.....

Scooby Fan Forever Asks:Hi Velma, What happened to What's New Scooby Doo? Will it air again? 

Velma: Itís all about those money people! We have had many more adventures and I hope they see fit to let us share them with you! For now, check out some of our other adventures on this site. 

railroadnut_70 Asks: Have you ever visited (or have plans to visit) places named after you like Velma, OK or Dinkley Hall in the UK?

Velma: I have not done that yet, but do want to check them out at some point in time. After all, they named them after me! (I Wish!)

Amanda Asks: Do any of you guys draw, or have artistic merit? As a student in art school, I've been dying to ask that! (I just got started in oils, I might try one of the 'Doo for practice.) Been awhile since I last emailed. I'm now in college with a 3.4 GPA. :)

Velma: Well first, congratulation on your GPA! Well done! As for drawing skills, the limiting factor would be the phrase ďartistic merit.Ē I am not sure any of us would qualify for that, although Shaggy can do one heck of a doodle! 

jreb Asks: Hey Velma, Sometimes you come across as a cold fish-but your fool'n us because your a hockey fan and no hockey fan is a cold fish! Is this your REAL secret passion? Who are your favorite all time players and team? And when you guys go skating do you tic Daphne off wearing hockey skates with your figure skating dress? -Jreb

Velma: Cold fish? I though I was a bookworm! (See above.) I like Hockey, although the standard outfit is not my figure skating dress! People get these ideas in their heads about what I am like, but I do like to cut loose every now and then! As for favorite teams, thatís like picking favorite friends. Itís varied over the years, although some of my favorite memories were early ones, like 1973 and the Flyers! 

lizzie Asks: 
i was just wondering if u like fred outside of the set? or if u even like him.

Well of course I like him, or do you mean Like him, in which case I like him but maybe don't Like him, but come to think of it maybe I Like him too, I don't know, what was the question? 

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