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May 2005 Edition

Mlle. Dinkley Asks: How do you feel about Fred's "new" embodiment in the new series, and which Fred do you prefer--the old Fred or the new Fred from WNSD? Personally, I like the old Fred.

Velma: I think this scene from SD1 truly was the low point in my feelings toward Fred. There I am, forty feet up on a catwalk, and he hits me with a firehouse! Fred used to be such a smart, strong, and honest guy, both to us and to himself!  I would give anything to have the old Fred back! Recently, I have seen glimpses of the old Fred. He seams to have got over himself, but still has not found the balance of confidence and brains that he used to posses. 

Lizzie Writes: I think you're really great and I can really relate to you. I had a question. What's going on with you and Patrick? Are you dating? Has he kissed you? And if there is a SD3 will u 2 be together in it??

Velma: Well, he is still a good friend, I am not the "kiss and tell" type ;)
I can't say much about SD3 as it is very much up in the air. 

JC or Jeremy Writes: Hello, Velma. I love your every episode. Though I don't get to catch up with them because I'm always (kinda) booked. I live in the Philippines. Ever heard of the country? It's located in South east asia. Do you love mysteries?

Velma: Yes, of course I know the Philippines! We were just in South-east Asia. As for mysteries, you don't stick with something from age 5 if you don't like it!

Lovecraft Follower Writes: So, I've heard the rumors and I just have to ask. I've heard that Shaggy (as portrayed by Matthew Lilliard) does not want to be in a third Scooby
Doo movie. Is this why nobody seems to know whether there will be a third one
yet or not? Thanks for the info, and keep on solving the mysteries!

Velma: FP and SMG both were somewhat reluctant to do another, Mathew was ok with the idea, but the real problem was that Warner didn't feel like they made enough money on the last one. Jinkies! I mean, Why did they release it in the slow season?? 

Tab Writes: Are you afraid of any ghosts ? where were you born ? What is your favorite Colors ? What schools did you attend ?

Velma:  Sometimes, Coolsville, Orange (Can you tell?), and Coolsville High for starters!  

Mlle. Dinkley Asks: I know this is old news, but I wanted to hear your opinion. What's your take on the Harvard President's comment that women may not be suited to the fields of science and mathematics? 

Velma:  I think anytime a stereotype is cast, people are hurt by it. Everyone should be able to pursue their dreams. If someone judges you unsuitable for this career or that, based on anything but your own abilities, they have done you and society a monumental disfavor. 

Haley Writes: Dear Velma ,Thank you for posting my questions on the February issue of Ask Velma! I absolutely love the show Scooby Doo, Where are you. It's awesome! The only reason that I noticed was because on the 7th of April, I checked your web site for the info. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you, Why would a clown at your fifth birthday ruin your encyclopedia set? That is really rude. Another question and comment .First, the question, My mom was born on May 23,1965.Where you born the same day? Just wondering. Now, the   comments.#1.Your orange sweater is so cool that I want one so bad, where can I find it? Comment #2.Why don't you go out with Shaggy? He's really cute. (wink, wink). And , I need advice, What can I do about making brand new friends? No one likes me at my school and they make fun of me because I like you so much. And that my style of clothes is stupid. I hate people like that! Don't you too? What should I do to get cool clothes, friends, and the thing I want the most... Popularity? Please post my questions in May. Thanks! Your biggest fan, Haley

Velma: Thanks for watching the show Haley! May 23rd is not my birthday, and yes, wrecking my set of encyclopedias was VERY rude! As for making friends, just be yourself. True friends have to like you for who you are. My cloths are a little out of style so I have been trying new outfits anyway. As for Shaggy, Hummm..... 

Maile (my-lee) Writes: Ok, I wear glasses and I was wondering how long have you worn glasses? And when did you get your glasses? Sometimes glasses really bother me a lot and it can get annoying at times. Well, send back!

Velma: Since before I could walk!  (or should I say, walk into walls.) If I remember correctly, I got my first glasses at age 3.  For the most part they do not bother me. Perhaps "sometimes" is a good description. 

carmen Writes: Dear Velma, I have a serious problem, and question. I have a 3 yr old niece who is so infatuated with you, she pretends your her imaginary friend. Well to a point she is driving us insane. She would love to join a fan club of yours and receive mail. please help we have to pretend to look for you everywhere we go, and sometimes it gets crazy, today she thought you were in jail, and wanted us to go find out. she even said to look for you in the paper, the Velma paper .. I guess it's all in the imagination. she thinks you left her, and wants to apologize it is so cute.. help me with her before she is committed lol. thanks, aunt ang

Velma: What a perplexing problem. I can assure you I am not in jail. (Although, we did spend a few moments there over Valentines day.) I am sure she will outgrow this. Most kids have such friends at that age. WB has a newsletter which is as close to Scooby News as I can come up with, although they do not publish on a regular date. Good luck! 

leigh Asks: in the scooby doo movie, in the deleted scenes, you sing a song what is the name of the song ?

Velma: You're just too good to be true, Can't take my eyes off of you..... Oops! Sorry, got carried away for a second! Now, what was the question?

coolgirl Writes: Hi again and thanks for answering. Hmmm.. I wonder why they cut the engagement thing. Oh well. Anyway, I saw Aloha Scooby Doo. It was funny you guys are really great. What's the next animated Scooby Doo movie? Thanx

Velma: Daphne and I were both surprised at the script change! As for the next one out, WB has been assembling composites of some of our old shows. You can be one of the first to find out when we have new movies coming out by checking out this site every now and then! 

jreb Writes: Hey there again Velma: Ok now just one question? While Shaggy & Scooby
where at summer camp what was Fred, Daphne,& yourself doing? Did you guys have
the weekend off?

Velma: Actually, it was a very quiet week and we all got a lot of rest.  I am beginning to wonder if it is the two of them that attract all those ghosts, ghouls, and other unsavory characters we always run into! 

Jabber Writes: Not really a question merely a compliment-- Velma, you rock! Your simple fashion and down to earth style is what makes YOU shine... Your keen intellect is to be envied by all... and your very analytical problem solving skills are priceless! Keep up the great work. By the way (in case you didn't notice): I've had a big crush on you ever since I was a little boy! 

Velma: (Blush) Why, Thank you!

Amy lou Asks: Are Shaggy and Scooby really chickens?

Velma: I would tell you but they might peck me...

Toki Writes: 
Dear Velma, I was wondering, at what point in time did you guys officially become Mystery Inc.? (using that title for the gang) Or is that what other people call you? When was it declare by any of the gang that that was the name of you all?   Thank you very much for your time.
Velma:  Wow, it wasn't long after we got together that people started calling us "Mysteries Inc." But we never accepted it as our name. Problem was, they never stopped, so somewhere along the line, we started accepting it. When we were in our later teens, we started putting that on our note pads, and when asked who we were, we started to say "Mysteries Inc!" (It was easier than saying Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby, and me, Velma!) 

Well guys, I am afraid Scooby and the gang are carrying me off for our usual summer schedule of mystery work! 

I'll be back in the fall to answer all your questions, but until then, try to stay cool and out of the summer sun!

Bye for now,

Velma Dinkley

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