The Velma Doll !

Scooby Fan DB sent us these pictures of the new "Velma" Barbie doll!

Some notes from her:

Guess who's misplaced her glasses again ? A good close-up.

A photo of Velma and Scooby in the box liner wearing their original outfits.

(Below) Velma considers giving up that orange Volvo...'Max Steele' car courtesy of a yard sale and our three-year-old son.

Wearing a sweet Barbie spring dress, Velma enjoys some time at the botanical  gardens. (i.e., the hedges outside our place) 

Nothin' like catchin' a movie downtown. The other doll in the photo is 
my favorite, Shinobu (Oshogatsu II Barbie). Her outfit is a 70s era Barbie set 
I got in an eBay lot recently.

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