Information about the Yahoo Site

If you have a Yahoo ID, you can pretty much just pop in and join without having to do anything. You are welcome to join and will stay welcome as a member as long as you don't harass or spam the room.

Here are some of the things over at the Yahoo site:

  • Velma's Forum: This is the default message board in the room
  • Chat: The Chat room over at Yahoo is closed, but we are working on a new one for here.  Click Here for more info or to chat.
  • Photos: Some of my collection of unused screen captures, as well as photos other members have added to the site. Any member is welcome to upload photos. (G rated only!)
  • Files: This will be where we keep the old stuff deleted for this site, as well asn anything else in the world!
  • Members Lists: And (if the member chooses), Email addresses to mail them.

If you are not a member of Yahoo, and need an ID, here's the scoop:

Under 18: You should have a parent or guardian help you out. Yahoo is pretty safe, but the law kind of says you should.

Over 18: Membership is free. Go to to register. You will be stepped through the process. Of course you will be shown a ton of ads, that's how they make their money, but you don't have to buy anything (no credit card stuff), and you will  have access to all the Yahoo sites that you are allowed to see. One hint, they ask you about mailing lists. Unclick these boxes to avoid more useless mail. I did, and so far, no spam.

When you are done, Come on over!

Or, you may go back to

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