The Review of 002 !

A few hours before I went to see the movie, I watched a CNN review of it that called it "A dog." In fact, the critic went further and said "Calling it a dog was an insult to dogs everywhere!" Needless to say, I was a little worried. 

I am happy to report that this movie proves one thing, Critics don't get it!  Scooby fans Do! If the first movie did a good job at entertaining us, this one nailed it! For Velma fans, it was a special treat! Several sub plots twisted through this movie and one of these was a Velma love interest. We get to see her open up about her fears and joys, and we also watch as her heart gets tested.  Dashed are the stupid rumors about her sexuality with which she had been stereotyped. I think Velma fans will be very pleased with how Linda preformed in her role as Velma, regarding this rather dramatic twist! I am reminded of Littlesoprano's story "Journey of Self Discovery" (found elsewhere on this site) that explores how Velma might react in this situation, and it appears Littlesoprano insight into Velma was right on!

The story itself finds the gang back in Coolsville to attend the opening of a museum dedicated to their life's work and the villains they unmasked. Of course, things do not go well as many of their former foes are brought to life! If you grew up watching Scooby, it is quite a kick to see how all these villains are portrayed. Shaggy and Scooby get some serious blame put on them by the local media and in another sub-plot, try to "act" like non-screw-ups to prove themselves to the public and the rest of the gang as well. 

Fred and Daphne are more connected in this movie, but it appears some of this was left on the cutting room floor leaving some scenes stranded. (What was that ring on her finger??) There is a lot more "classic" Scooby Doo in this film and it was a joy to watch! I even found myself brushing a tear away at one point. 

As with the first movie, there a a series of hidden jokes for the true fans, such as Shaggy and Scooby singing "Strangers in the Night" (This song was the inspiration for the series name change to Scooby Doo.) All the regular gags also make timely and humorous appearances, such as flatulence on a thermo-nuclear level, Daphne's make-up skills, and Velma's famous myopic crawl. 

This movie was a thrill from beginning to end, and the end is pretty darn good! Will there be a Scooby 3?  Linda and Mathew have signed on, Sarah and Freddie have not. (Their loss if they don't!) All will depend on the box office $$$, but judging by it's opening weekend of $30,745,000.00 I do believe the odds are in their favor!
Eat Crow Critics!  You just don't get it! (But we do!)

-John Likeglass

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