Journey of Self-Discovery
By: Littlesoprano

(from John Likeglass / Webmaster)

This story is addictive! 

When I first received this story, I was expecting the usual, run-of-the-mill fan-fic. Boy was I in for a surprise! This is a well written story with good depth of character.  It is also long. Very Long! (About 100 pages if you print it all out.)  Thus, it now holds the title of the first online novel on this site. I began reading it while I was working on formatting it for the site. I could not stop myself! It is just that good!  

It would be my fondest wish that James Gunn, Raja Gosnell, and Linda Cardellini†would read this story to gain insight about the Velma we all know!

Basically, it starts off where the movie left off. It is a romance, and it is a Velma story. So, fire up the hot chocolate, don't plan on doing anything for the rest of the week, and join us in a 
Journey of Self-Discovery


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  Chapter 1 Ethanís Musings
  Chapter 2 The Many Loves of Velma Dinkley
  Chapter 3 First Date, Second Chances
Chapter 4 Do I Love You Because Youíre Beautiful?
Chapter 5 Decisions & Discoveries
Chapter 6 The Gala

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