Oh, the Indignation!

By Cathy

Daphne and Velma got thrown out of a theme park for doing nothing
more than wearing their own clothing!

I am not kidding, this is serious. DF and I went to a theme park that featured Scooby-Doo, alongside the Nickolodeon characters. (The park is owned by
Paramount, but previously, b/f the buyout, they had had a contract w/HB). DF dressed as Daphne, complete with red wig, and I dressed as Velma, with a sweater and a red skirt. We looked like the characters, and I don't mean just in the clothing. WE had the faces and all.

Anyway, we entered the park and had our picture taken with SpongeBob-- all the associates thought it was really cute. Well no more than 10 minutes later, we were walking past the character area, when one of the workers informed us that they weren't sure if we would be able to take pictures w/the Nickolodeon characters b/c we were dressed like the HB characters. I asked if it would be possible to take the picture if we changed our clothes, and the associate said 'yes.'

I took off the sweater and the phony glasses, but still had on my real glasses, an orange T-shirt w/Velma on it (See above) and a red skirt. DF changed into a white halter top w/blue pants, but kept the scarf and wig. Well, when we approached Scooby Doo and asked for a picture, guess what--we were told that we could not have a picture taken w/Scooby because our appearance too closely resembled that of Daphne and Velma. When I asked why, they refused to give an answer, saying only that 'there used to be a Daphne and a Velma here.' Then, the associates led Scooby away and he hadn't been there for more than 5 minutes. What was really bad was that we were not violating any park regulations, but the associates were treating us as though we had violated the rules by dressing as Daphne and Velma. It gets better. When I went on a ride, I gave y glasses to DF to hold; she was wearing the Daphne costume. Well, I am almost legally blind w/o my glasses and it was very dangerous for me to walk up the steps to the ride. When DF came up the back to wait for me, she told the associate "My friend cannot see w/o her glasses, so I am waiting for her up here." The ride worker must have thought it was a joke, because of the outfit, and would not let DF into the waiting area,
until she showed the lady that they really were prescription glasses. When I got back from the ride, they told me to go down the stairs and to wait for DF--they held her behind the gate until the train had left the boarding area, then they let her come down and give me my glasses. I filed a complaint because (a) no one told us that what we were doing by dressing as Daphne and Velma was wrong (there was nothing mentioned in the rules of the park; I checked and so did the guy at Guest Services) and (b) we were treated very rudely by the associates. Ok, so maybe DF doesn't really have red hair, but
can I help it that I really look like Velma? Since when is that a crime?

We left the park because for whatever reason, security guards were coming out of the walls; everywhere we turned, they were either behind us or following us. Whether or not they were after us is not relevant, but it was scary. I am never going back to that park ever again.

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