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Ho you silly girl! Yes I know! Thats like the Star Trek theamed hotel in Las Vages that tells Trekkies to leave there uniforms at home! I have an idea you live on the left cost so there must be a Renaissance fair or festival close by make Velma's fair outfit even the stuipd hat [Ill help] see how many people catch it! At least at a Ren fair everybody is encouraged to be in costume! Ok anybody ever see orange velvet?



Totally unreal! What the h*ll was their criteria for that? You didn't break any rules, cause any trouble. In fact they were the ones who harassed you guys! You said you filed a complaint. I hope it does some
good. H*ll, if somebody I knew had that happen to them, she would have them in court, among other things. You weren't breaking any rules...the Guest Services couldn't find any rules you were breaking...sounds like some kind of corporate paranoia run amok with a touch of power craze.
Either way, I hope you let other groups know about this and do take some kind of action within your abilities. For sure Paramount should be told about this, even if they will probable discard the complaint, verbally or otherwise. At least they should know how a customer, who did absolutely nothing...and who would have been an asset at least to the Scooby gang image...were treated. I sure would be indignant if treated like that...but then, I wouldn't look very good in a Velma outfit! *LOL* 
Seriously, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.


This seems to be of "Paramount" concern. Can't believe that in our post-911 world, with greater concerns of terrorism and faltering economies, that theme park folks feel the need to harass two folks
getting in the spirit of things. What if Disney busted people for wearing mouse ears? What if Opryland asked folks in 10-gallon hats to leave? Ditto on the Star Trek and Ren Faire costumes.

The Jaguaro Creature is displeased. He demands a sacrifice from the California natives.


The entire thing sounds like much ado over "intellectual property rights", the latest corporate bogeyman. The park likely has a binding agreement over the use of the Scooby mascot that the owners were afraid would land them in legal hot water over if they let you take pictures with him as two people who looked like licensed HB characters. These things are usually quite vague, often not binding, but cost a fortune to fight in court. Easier for them to just tell you "no", and remove him for the day. Probably about that point you ended up on their "watch list".

The watch lists I've heard vague tales of, from amusement parks, conventions, places people are likely to dress up. In a nutshell the fear is people in costume are also likely to pull stunts to get attention, either for themselves or some cause, and parks don't like that much (nor do their insurance companies, if the stunt causes a ruckus). Sometimes it's not about costumes but just about how a person looks, that someone deemed them, "a possible threat".

Along similar lines a friend of mine took a trip to Disney (the one in Florida) and she and her 4 year old daughter wore Mickey Mouse ears. At the gate they were told to remove them or they wouldn't be
admitted. She pointed out guests already inside were wearing them, so what was the harm? The answer, "They bought them in the park, it's different." She wasn't given the option of tucking them away,
either; she had to turn them over to park employees. She pretty much lost them because at the end of the evening (all day trip) she forgot to retrieve them.

That's what I've heard, if it helps any.


Yes, these things can get so very out of hand. It's really amazing; the sorts of things like this that get made into an issue, or worse, taken to court.

Then again, we live in a society where a burglar can sue you if he injures himself breaking into your house and you have to keep car insurance on a car you aren't driving in case someone is injured while stealing it. Why am I not surprised?


I'm sorry you went through all that trouble, Mlle. Dinkley. Some people just love to prevent others from having fun, don't they?? Not to mention, they pretty much discriminated towards those who need

I wonder if the place near me is like that - in Pittsburgh, we have Kennywood Park, which has slowly evolved into what can easily be described as "Garfield Land". (I think Jim Davis co-owns Kennywood
now or something.) They sell Garfield shirts and stuff, so I wonder what would happen if you came in with a "contraband" shirt?



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