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Oct 21 21:03 Adam Says- Logging off for now
Oct 21 21:03 Adam Says- Talk to everyone next week
Oct 21 21:03 Adam Says- I guess I will go ahead and log off
Oct 21 21:02 Adam Says- Talk to you next week
Oct 21 21:02 Adam Says- Thank you
Oct 21 21:02 Adam Says- Ok joe
Oct 21 20:57 joe Says- signing off
Oct 21 20:55 joe Says- its almost midnight here.......i will bid you and your family a good week
Oct 21 20:43 Adam Says- I started it, but I havenít finished the story yet
Oct 21 20:42 joe Says- one of my flash drives is the one your suppose to be able to use on an iphone
Oct 21 20:26 joe Says- how did it turn out?
Oct 21 20:24 Adam Says- That person was OK with it, so I decided to try it
Oct 21 20:23 Adam Says- I also asked the writer of a story if I could continue a fan fic that person started but decided not to finish
Oct 21 20:21 Adam Says- Writing a story that someone else wrote, but never finished
Oct 21 20:20 Adam Says- Iíve done that once or twice

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