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Aug 1 18:44 Bob Mozark Says- You too
Aug 1 18:44 joe Says- you have a good week
Aug 1 18:43 Bob Mozark Says- I have to shut down now, see you next week.
Aug 1 18:42 Bob Mozark Says- That's nice.
Aug 1 18:41 joe Says- i was looking up stories on fan fiction and ran across one of yours
Aug 1 18:38 joe Says- but most of the new scooby movies are direct to video
Aug 1 18:37 Bob Mozark Says- And Disney controls all three
Aug 1 18:37 joe Says- and direct to disc( i would say video, but that doesn't happen much these days)
Aug 1 18:35 joe Says- now you have theater, cable and ditigal
Aug 1 18:35 joe Says- theater release used to be the only way to release a movie
Aug 1 18:34 joe Says- but that also shows how the movie industry has changed too
Aug 1 18:33 Bob Mozark Says- Before that he had played the young JFK in PT 109
Aug 1 18:32 joe Says- anything to make a buck these days i guess
Aug 1 18:31 Bob Mozark Says- Cameo as Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man movie
Aug 1 18:31 Bob Mozark Says- Until he finally got a comeback can

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