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May 31 19:02 joe Says- signing off
May 31 19:01 joe Says- have a good week bob
May 31 19:01 Bob Mozark Says- Have a nice evening, Joe.
May 31 19:00 Bob Mozark Says- okay then. Nice talkng with you. See you next week
May 31 18:59 joe Says- hopefully things will get back to normal soon
May 31 18:57 joe Says- they only let people go home early as a last resort
May 31 18:57 joe Says- then if they don't here of late they have going thur this "cleaning state" where everything has to be kept clean
May 31 18:55 joe Says- first they see if they need help on the other side
May 31 18:55 Bob Mozark Says- When you have 7 lines versus 3-4 do they bring in extra workers or just spread the existing crew among the seven lines?
May 31 18:52 joe Says- but getting regular hours ...........for now
May 31 18:51 joe Says- we have 7 lines totle on the side i work , but here for awhile only 3 or 4 have been run at a time
May 31 18:50 joe Says- yes......but we have been running fewer lines
May 31 18:49 Bob Mozark Says- You still have a regular production schedule at your factory?
May 31 18:44 joe Says- it would be nice though
May 31 18:43 Bob Mozark Says- I think that the voice feature has been closed off.

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