Shaggy, What are your reflections on all the years
you have spent working with Velma?

Hey! Like, I'm a growing boy!  Pass the food! Like Huh?


Oh, them! Hee hee.. I thought you meant like in a mirror! Woooww.. Let me think... You don't have any pizza do you? It helps me think! ..... Ok, ok, give me a second, I'll try to get serious... Gee.. I've known her since I was seven, I think. I mean, there she was on my doorstep one day. My folks had agreed to take care of her while they were out of town. I mean, her folks were out of town. So, like she was five or six, and I was like this big guy because I was seven and had completed first grade! It was summer vacation, and all I wanted to do was play with this set of electric race cars, and she shows up. When your that age a girl is kind of a yucky thing to have around the house. She looked so weird in those glasses, like, I ignored her and hoped she'd go away. She didn't...

So like my race cars weren't working, and I was throwing a fit! Velma comes up and starts pulling the wires out of the back of the controller thingy. I was all sorts of mad until she sat down and turned it on. Like the cars started going!! She was my hero! She fixed them! That was the start of a long and solid friendship. By the end of the summer she was my best friend. Freddy and I had been friends for quite a while, and the next time her parents had to go away, she stayed at Freddy's place. I found myself going over every day to play with the two of them.

That fall, we all went back to school. Freddy and I were in the second grade, Velma was in the first. I think she started school young.... Oh well, even back then Freddy looked like a football player, and many of the other kids were scared of him. Like, it's real funny, because he was the nicest guy around. Anyway, the three of us hung out together, so like anyone who would have thought about picking on this new girl, saw Freddy and thought better of it!

That's the year Daphne showed up.. She was in first grade too, but she was older then Velma... Yea, like Velma turned six, when Freddy and I were eight and Daphne was seven! Errr... I think, that is. Anyway, I don't care what Freddy says, he fell for Daphne on first sight, so the threesome became a foursome! Us guys hung together but he was always looking towards her.

Here's the kicker! Velma was not the teacher's pet! In fact, I think they were scared of her because she was so smart! Every time they would say something that wouldn't make sense, she would speak up. It was kind of like, who's teaching who! So the kids that would usually have flunked because they were rebellious, hung around her, and she helped them out!

Like I'd like to tell you more sometime, but my Pizza's here! Food Rules!


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