Notes from the author....

As a teen in southeast Pennsylvania, we had a real life haunted mansion! Spending some time at Stotesbury Manor (Formally known as "Whitemarsh Hall") was a teenage right of passage. Rumor was, the ghost of old Ed Stotesbury (who dropped dead of a heart attack in the foyer in 1938) would get you! He built the place as a wedding gift to his second wife Eva Cromwell in 1919. The place had been a self contained kingdom up until his death. Much of the story "Nightmare" was based on history, including how it decayed into ruins and was finally demolished in 1980 to make room for a housing development. (Although there never was a murder there to my knowledge.) I was shocked on a recent return trip to see how little was left from this rather dramatic teen memory. (See pictures below.) The story is my tribute to the memory of many of my fellow teens (now middle-aged) and the times we had there!

John Likeglass


Larry & John check out what we called 
"The Stone Gazebo" 

The 50 foot stone columns that stood at 
the front door 
(only thing left of the mansion) 
dwarf our crew

Pictured at the base of the columns:
Jess, Larry, Sandi, & Sheila
(Pic taken by John)

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