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Scooby Doo in 
Where's My Mummy? 

(Released in the fall of 2005)

The setting: Ancient Egypt, 41 BC. Cleopatra buries the wealth of Egypt with herself and 1000 dead warriors and casts a curse on the tome. 

So, guess what Velma's excavating in the desert? 

Some have complained because it is not set in a haunted house, but I found the movie great! 

Mindy Cohn (from WNSD) voices Velma in this one and pulls it off great! Of course, Frank Welker is back to voice Freddy and Scooby, and original member Casey Kasam is back as Shaggy. Daphne is voiced by Grey Delisle.

Velma starts this as a solo project, but the gang misses her and pays a visit to the site of the dig.

Unfortunately, they are not alone! Soon a band of grave-robbing archeologists show up to steal the show and the treasure!  But are any of them ready to deal with 1000 dead mummy warriors? 

I found the plot to be Velma-centric, which considering this is, is a good thing!
There are many plot twists and turns but the ending is rather unexpected!


I give it 4  Scooby snacks! 

Jinkies! I never expected that ending!!I never got this much attention back in the old series. I love it!!Back to Movies  

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Movie Ratings Key 

5  Snacks     Excellent !
4  Snacks     Very Good
3  Snacks     Fair
2  Snacks     Ok, but could pass
1  Snack       Pass on this one


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