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Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase  
(Released fall of 2001)

This is a double release of both a movie and a video game!Ooooff!

So, what would happen if the real Velma met her cyber double? They'd probably run smack-dab into each other and knock each other's glasses off of course!  

This is a fun movie. I really had worried about this movie being just a promo for the video game, but that's not the case. The hard premise to get over is that people could get zapped into a video game but, hey, we got past the talking dog right ;)  
So anyway, without giving too much away, there is a little bit of everything in this movie especially those who loved the old series. The characters in the video game are patterned after the old Scooby look, where as the real characters have the newer look. (Take a close look at the eyes. The new Daphne's eyes have whites, and as we always expected, they are blue.) This makes for some funny moments like when the two Daphnes critique each other's look. 

That skirt with THAT top?As usual, the animation is top rate. The color depth is very dramatic, especially the amusement park scenes.  It is worth noting that almost all the animation cells are hand drawn which is becoming rare. I still miss the old voices, except for Freddy, who after 32 years is STILL voiced by Frank Welker. (Way to go Frank!) Speaking of Fred and Daphne..

I leave you with the following picture ...






I give it 4  Scooby snacks! 

As many of you know, Mary Kay Bergman who had been voicing Daphne sadly passed away. 

Grey Delisle has taken over the voice role and so far has done a splendid job!


Jinkies! I never expected that ending!!I never got this much attention back in the old series. I love it!!Back to Movies  

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