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Zoinks!  Your cute! Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders (Released in the fall of 2000)

Cool!   Same cast as Witch's Ghost, which means Frank Welker has now played Freddy for 31 years!! Some may wonder about Marry Kay Bergman, the voice of Daphne, who passed away in the fall of 99. In the animation process, the voices are done prior to the artwork. Mary did voice this one prior to her passing, and a tribute to her memory is in the closing credits if you watch closely. So far, there is no word on who will be supplying her voice in the future. 

As for the plot, a romantic interest is sparked for both Shaggy and Scooby. This flick has more of the feel of the original series, although it does use the character development that has been building in the last two movies. The plot twists are a little more complicated though, much to the delight of older watchers like myself.  Daphne-Freddy watchers may feel let down as there is no new action on their romance front. 

Iwao Takamoto directed the artwork for this one. Old fans will remember that he created the look of the original show. A trimmer, sportier Velma is shown this time, helping to clarify a discrepancy that has existed from the first series about Velma's weight.

The van is rocking tonight!!These movies keep getting better and better!  I am glad to report that there were no Scrappy sightings, and that WB appears to be sticking to the original character layout. Velma played a major role in Witch's Ghost, but this movie focused on Shaggy and Scooby. As a Velma fan, I preferred Witch's Ghost because of this, but I guess everyone gets their turn in the spotlight! :) 

I give it 3 1/2  Scooby snacks! 

Jinkies! I never expected that ending!!I never got this much attention back in the old series. I love it!!Back to Movies  

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