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Movie cover shotThis is really frightening!Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost 
(Released in the fall of 99)

I liked it! Once again, there is some real supernatural, which goes against the original premise, but hey, this is the nineties! We see some hints of romance from both the girls. (I won't spoil it and tell you!) Animation is top notch, and we see a more aggressive Velma! Fans of Miss Dinkley will also enjoy the return of the old classic gag pictured here. BUY IT! The ending has quite a twist so hold on to your seats!!



Hee! So it isn't only me!Again, Frank Welker (Freddy) is the only original cast member. Scott Innes provides the voice of Scooby AND Shaggy! (We always knew they were one in the same!) Mary Kay Bergman gives voice to Daphne. With Nicole Jaffe still missing, B.J. Ward (II) provides Velma's voice. I still have some problem with this. Could be I was just too used to the old show from 1969.


I give it 5 Scooby snacks!


Jinkies! I never expected that ending!!I never got this much attention back in the old series. I love it!!Back to Movies  

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Movie Ratings Key 

5  Snacks     Excellent !
4  Snacks     Very Good
3  Snacks     Fair
2  Snacks     Ok, but could pass
1  Snack       Pass on this one


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