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Zombie Island coverScooby Doo Zombie Island (Released in the fall of 98)

Oops! We ate the evidence!What a thrill it is to see the original gang back together after all these years! The animation work is top rate. This story picks up finding the gang having gone their separate ways. As you might expect, circumstances arise that bring the gang back together for their greatest adventure ever! Watchers of the original series will not be disappointed! Some have made the comment that aspects of this story violate some of the original pretenses, and this is true. But I think this is a small price to pay to see the old gang back at work! I was worried that the format might look corny in this day and age, but it does not. Daphne and Freddy have a somewhat updated look. The Mystery Machine has been upgraded from the sixties micro-bus, but Scooby, Velma, and Shaggy are still the same! (Timeless characters!) Some fun is poked at this when Shaggy opens his suitcase and it is stuffed with green shirts! 

Frank Welker (Freddy) is the only original cast member. Scott Innes provides the voice of Scooby, and I think does a great job! (Don Messick, the original voice, passed away.) Billy West (II) voices Shaggy, a bit squeakier than Casey Kasem, but I would not have been sure until I read the credits. Mary Kay Bergman gives voice to Daphne. This works pretty well. B.J. Ward (II) provides Velma's voice. A little too sweet of a voice for my taste, but it works ok. (Where is Nicole Jaffe?) All in all, any true Scooby fan must add this movie to their collection!

I give it 4  Scooby snacks!



Jinkies! I never expected that ending!!I never got this much attention back in the old series. I love it!!Back to Movies  

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