Nicole Jaffe 
is Back !!!

Legend of the Vampire
is not just a Scooby Flick, it is a special tribute to the original series and one of it's lost creators!

Here is a little info that is not on the wrapper!
For those new to Scooby Doo, the look and sound of this movie may be puzzling. For a fan of the original series, it is absolute nirvana !  A quick look at the voice credits will send shivers down the spine of any old time Scooby Fan:
Shaggy  - Casey Kasam
Daphne - Heather North
Freddy - Frank Welker
Velma - Nicole Jaffee
It does not stop there! Iwo Takamoto, the original art director was brought in with instructions to give the show the look and feel of the old show. In addition, the original theme song was used. (With a few tweaks to make it work in the year 2003)  Sound was an important part of the original series, and careful attention was given to Folly stage effect so that it too matched the old show. 

Yea, the Ascot was back too ;)

Speaking of which, some good fun was poked at some of the original outfits! (Left)

The gang gets all wrapped up in this one, or at least Velma does (Bottom left)

And Velma actually admits that at times, she is frightened too! (Bottom right)

It's out on DVD & VHS. This one is a "Must Buy" !!

I give it 5 Scooby Snacks, the highest rating!

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