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Dear website owner, I really think that this website is cool, I like the place where you can ask velma questions too. I like that you update this web site very often, so I can always look forward to looking on. I'm a new person so I havent looked at everything in here yet, but I like the stories! Do you really know Velma? That's soo coool!!! please ask her if I could have her e-mail address! I have tons of questons! Thanks! Bye! From: a new sd fan: Liana!

dangerprone daphne
heya my name is christie, and i have been a huge fan of Scooby since before i can remember! I love your site and everything in it! my high school nickname was actually daphne as i reminded my mates of the redhead soo much from the hairstyle and colour to the klutzy nature! I just wanna say keep updating this site as it is soooooo hard to find a decent site like this that pays tribute to everything scooby doo especially the underappreciated characters!

I think Velma is cute and very smart and her character is in the Movie and Cartoon, Scooby is cute too.  Plus,  my name is Velma.  Plus I am a mother of three children and they like Scooby Doo as well.  They are in their Twenties and Thirties.  Scooby Dooby Do where are you!!!

An "intentional" blooper was brought to attention from the live-action Scooby movie. Afte getting knocked over by the water spray of a hose, Velma hangs upside down in a chain by one foot. But in this position, her skirt doesn't flip over. To maintain the "family" movie integrity, Velma's underwear could not be shown (even though she's flashed them several times on the cartoon!)

Blake L.
Between Velma and Daphne I would say Velma because she has got the looks,the brain power,and she has more outstanding achievement I think she really looks good with the glasses,the hair,and the orange sweater.I grew up watching scooby doo its always been the best cartoon I have ever seen and I have always been  attractive to Velma because she is so smart she can really think and when she see a villan she knows what to do right away smart girl.I have seen behind the seeings of Velma and I got a real good look at how many awards she has won for outstanding achievement Daphne might get straight A's too but not as good as Velma velma is better than Daphne i think.Everything is cool about Velma. When Velma's glasses come off her face she still looks good but i like her face better with the glasses. When Velma needs some help all she has to do is do some sweet talking to scoob will you do it for a scooby snack velma always says and it works velma does her share of sweet talking too. I have seen Velma unmask villans before she is good at it there sure is alot of stuff to say about Velma since she is so smart I watch velma alot and she has got  everthing. Two girls play good and the best one is Velma. You 're good velma your're a real professional you're really good. Keep on playing Velma I love you.  

Billy S
Just one observation about the Voice of Velma from an Ohio native: to my ears, Nicole Jaffe's version has a pretty strong accent which reminds me of a cross between Cleveland and Chicago, weighted towards the former. I've known several Clevelanders and they all have a similar twang in their voices. It's mostly audible in the long a's--fex, "come on" sounds like "come aahn". fwiw Btw, I had a crush on dear Velma as a kid. I admit it. Daphne looked too old for me. cheers, Billy S.

T.J. Thayer
Between Daphne & Velma.......I am more attracted to Velma than Daphne! Yes, Daphne's pretty & all, but women with glasses, brains.....just something attractive about a woman with glasses & some serious brain power!  It's good that they made Daphne more self-reliant in the newer Scooby-Doo animated movie "Zombie Island", but I am still attracted to Velma! Velma's my girl! Good job on the site!

Well, Velma i think you are the most interresting character in the gang,if you ask me.And i realy would like to know you better i mean personality wise.I am also interrested in reading and studying a lot of other things beyond my knowledge and I for one think that we so far have a lot in common, and i think it would be nice to hear from each other so as to learn different interesting issues.I am also your great fan of you because i adore so much of your doings, i mean how quick you are at solving mysteries and how intelligent you are and i am very impressed on your academic parformance and your life
successes so far.So i think it would be very nice if we could exchange ideas via e-mail or even chat for some time, because i am so eager to hear your voice in person.I have also been through allementary school,oh boy we'll have a lot to discuss believe me. You know, my childhood was kind of the same as yours and now i am a grown man and ever since i have not been able! to talk to anyone about it,and here today i find you by coincidence that you also have undergone the same childhood as mine and now you are even able to talk about it on the net,it gives me great joy and courage that keeps my fears please do e-mail me and give me your contacts so that we can talk more because i feel i have a lot to learn from you miss dinkley and you can even 

Velma has never been underappreciated in regards to her role on the show. She's no raving beauty, but her intelligence and spunk makes her one of H-B's more irresistible gals, and Mindy Cohn is perfect as her voice in the new show. Her age is listed as 15 (the youngest of the kids), and perhaps she should know better, but there are some nine episodes overall (including "A Pup Named Scooby Doo") in which Velma allows her underwear to show. As a teen she wore red
panties while as a pre-teen she wore white. 

I was wondering if the Velma dolls are still in the stores. I would love to own the whole gang.. My sister got the one of Daphne and Scooby and I was jealous I will admit.. But having a Velma doll would rock.. 

alfredofroylan 3/23/03
Nice page, I download the Bravo Dooby Doo espisode but I can't find any other episode with Velma and Jhonny (Johnny's Loves). And the episode "Johnny's Loves" didn't appear in the episode list of Johnny Bravo. Where can I
find that episode?? Keep the page, is great !!!

DorrieBelle 3/15/03
Loved your site and fanfics. Just wondered - did you know the entire SD cast is now available as playline Barbie/Skipper/Ken dolls ? I got my Velma doll yesterday, and she is absolutely charming. I'm a doll collector (oh, who am I kidding, I'm 36 and I play with 'em, I admit it !)and I've had tons of fun dressing her in vintage orange 70s-wear and modern soft pastels and even one or two 'hootchie mamma' outfits. 
If you didn't already know about them, check out your Wal-Mart or Toys R Us. My local WM had only two Velmas, and 4 of everybody else, but when I went back to get my Velma, I got the last one and they were sold out of Shaggies. Two members of the online doll forum I frequent report all dolls *but* Velma are readily available. Take that, Daphne ! I took lots of digital photos for the forum, just let me know if you'd like copies sent to you.
I know it's silly,but it's lots of fun having your own Velma doll ! :)
Thanks for all the fun I've had at your site !

robin 3/12/03
I have a few Velma questions--can you help me? We're working on a tv show about retro TV and I'm trying to pinpoint some episodes/events in the life of Velma. please let me know if you can help. 
-robin (who used to be called velma in 9th grade and still worries about pairing turtlenecks and pleated skirts)

Jreb 3/5/03
I've been waiting all day to get on here! It,s been a good day to be a Scooby/Velma fan! To start Yesterday[03/04] when I looked on the back of the DVD box of Scooby Doo & the Legend of the Vaimpire to see who was voiceing Velma.[B.J.Ward or Mindy]Srprised to see Nicol Jaffey & Heather North back playing the girls!COOOOOOOOL! If you haven't seen it yet I won't give the plot away but Velma's gonna do somthing deriffent-lets just say there is no piano this time!It's good to see the real Velma back! OH! the other thing is that the new Scooby Doo cast Barbie dolls are just comeing out! I just saw a Dphine at my local Target today!.

the invisible fan  writes: 
don't get me wrong .i love velma. but i found someone with other ideas for vel at .goes by dragontooth 18. check out his fics. enough to make a grown creature of darkness all misty.guy seems to have a serious hate on for velma.
good thing the mystery inc. gang only picked up johnny bravo or jay and silent bob hitchhiking. if they'd picked up henry lucas... thinking about miss velma as "orange socks".brrr... not the best idea i ever's one worse... vel would have gone willingly with ted bundy (she stops thinking around handsome men). saw a new bumper last night (feb 3) on cartoon network. dexter falls for miss velma but she's still falling for johnny bravo.any idea how many of these little story bumpers velma has appeared in?.

toon loon 2/22/03
Relieved to discover that other grown-up people are juvenile enough to have a favourite Scooby Doo character, delighted that for many of you it's Velma. I like to think that whoever first drew Velma was a Velvet Underground fan and based her appearance on every VU fan's best-loved Velvet, drummer Maureen Tucker. (Go on, imagine Velma wearing dark glasses ... see?) That would be why she's best mates with proto-slacker Shaggy, of course ... in the gang as in the band, it's the quiet one who's the coolest! 

chrisw 1/14/03
Does anyone have any more info about what the upcoming DTV scoobydoo is going to be about? Are the characters going to follow the same format in the previous videos or are they going back to being teens? Also, does anyone think that will expand on Fred and Daphne's relationship?

jreb 1/3/03
I guess the question is does "Whats's new Scooby Doo" need saving? Well the W.B. does keep pre-enpting it, and they also keep rerunning episodes. As the gang might say-in police work they call that a Clue. Or that doesn't bode well for a show! Ok I could say it's the fault of a certain top 40 Disk Jockey [who too darn old to play a teenager] or it's on too eary, and that the last two episoids were somewhat "green". who died and made them "Cptain Planet"] Don't get me wrong I like the show [Mindy makes a good Velma suprise! but the gang doesn't fight monsters with cards or throw balls that turn into cuite little monsters or fight in marsall arts contests! In short Scooby does not do what 5 to 10 years olds like-like fight guys!O well the show will make a good edition to the Scooby Universe!

Stefanie 12/30/02
The movie Scooby Doo is a very good movie. its simple lieture. These kids know that they could be killed but somehow they pull throw with Saggy and Scooby. It saying as a cartoon to never give up. Like I look up to Velma. I study her. I even dress like her. Who plays her is (Lina Cardellini) I just love her. I'm hoping that they come out with another Scooby Doo movie with the same actors. I don't now what else to say. I love Scooby Doo. My name is Stefanie but my friends call me Velma!!!!!!!! 

Mlle. Dinkley 12/30/02
Chere Vera,
This was supposed to go in the "letters" section of the website, but I am on a public computer in a Paris hotel and I felt a little embarassed about revealing that information in public to the whole world. Anyway, guess what is the hot new color combination? You guessed it, orange and red. I guess the "Velma Dinkley" look is in--even the salesgirl at the department store mentioned your name in conjunction with the look! Daphne should be so jealous! You DO have good sense in fashion. Anyway, I gotta run, this is on a timed internet card and I hae about a minute left.Au Revoir, a la prochaine fois.

Mlle. Dinkley 12/24/02
This is in answer to 'Will's' letter from 12-22: the UK uses the PAL system, and is on a different DVD region, so the US version of the DVD would not be playable overseas. I did, however, talk to some friends in Europe who said that those same episodes are available on a DVD in Europe under a different title. (I don't recall the title). If you have a multi region DVD player, then you can view the US version w/o having to worry about the conversions.

Will 12/22/02
I've heard about 'Scooby's Original Mysteries' on DVD containing the first 5 Scooby episodes. Is this just a US DVD or will it be released in the UK soon? Coz i'd like to get it - those episodes are cool, especially 'What A Night For A Knight'.

Webmaster- The UK uses a different TV system. Not sure if a PAL version was made. (US=NTSC, UK=PAL) Anyone?

barney 12/19/02
I am looking for some Velma merchandise to buy for a friend of mine with the same name..can yo tell me where and how I can acquire something with the Velma logo attached to it? Thanks in advance, Barney

Tony 12/19/02
Hi there! I own and we have the 40 ounce can of Carnation Malted Milk available in our Good Food & Stuff section. If you you would like to put link to the item we would sure appreciate it! Here is where it can be found: My Dad had a six-stool lunch counter in his general store, and when I was a kid I used to make malted milkshakes for customers. Love your site! Tony

Hi I have a question for you. I would like to know how many series where there and how long has the show been on t.v.? Thank Cindy.

Webmaster- The show first aired in 1969. For a show guide, check out this site. 

I don't know if this is very important, but... Do Fred, Daphne, Shaggy or Velma have middle names (that were revealed)? Thanks! Love your site.

I was just know that new Scooby-Doo TV show, "What's New Scooby-Doo?" I haven't seen it yet, and I have heard of this new girl named "Jay." Who is Jay?

hi. i was on your site 2 years ago and now i can't find the episode section. it tell the episode, where it was, the villian, who was behind it and why they did it. can you help me out?

Webmaster- Didn't have a guide, but Christine has one on her site.

I have a question. My Four year old Daughter Idolizes Velma- scooby doo the movie is her favorite- does velma have a fan club? 

Webmaster- So far, we're it!

I really love your Original Story Section. May I know when you would be posting new ones? I print them out and read them every day! They are just so cool! Thanks for the stories.  P.S: I am a Velma fan too!

Dear Mr. Likeglass 
OK I've really enjoy this website! And I had a lot of fun Emailing Velma.[see did'nt seem to like my last qustion] But one thing I'ed like to know is where you get some of the more trival factoids about Velma and the rest of Mystery well? I mean stuff like Velma's middle name or the fact there hometown is in Ohio.[does this mean that all thoese sea monsters,Shark Gods, and ghost pirates come out of Lake Erie]I can't recall any of this information comeing out on the show! Looks like to me that this is as much as a mystery as any Velma would take on herself! Thanks Rich.

Webmaster- Can't give away all the secrets ;)

Bruce Mooney
Was just curious what caused the original Daphne - Stefanianna Christopherson to leave the Scooby Doo Where Are You Show? It's very obvious in her last  episode That's Snow Ghost that she was more miserable in that episode than all the  others where she was perky and happy. Also when Heather North took over the role of  Daphne in the 1970 it's obvious she played the part of Daphne differently.  The original Daphne took no nonsense from Freddy while Heather gives in to anything  Freddy wants when she plays the part. I feel that both actresses played the part  of Daphne well it's just that their styles were different. I like Stefanianna's spunk but also Heather's more subdued approach too.

Eric B
Glad I found the site again. After it was moved from acmecity I couldn't find it even in searches, and tryinmg various domain name combinations. (I thought I would have tried "", but apparently got tired and gave up before that. I liked the site so much because it had so much information on the voices. (There's a discussion going on now at Toonzone forum on Velma's voice).  Well I guess you haven't heard the big news-- There's a rumor going around (supposedly from insiders) that the next Scooby animated movie will being back not only Heather North, but also NICOLE JAFFE.  I sure hope it's true, as Velma has never been the same. This to me would be the best thing to haoppen to Scooby in the last 30 years, nearly. The movie (Vampire Island) is for real, as trailers for it already appeared on the new Scooby Meets Batman DVD. Also, the original style animation and remakes of the music pieces.
Another movie is to follow. Too bad the new series wasn't done like this. I also felt Kellie Martin, who did Daphne on A Pup Named Scooby would have been a good Velma. Daphne in that series had taken on much of Velma's wit anyway (while Velma hardly spoke at all. This is what I see as one of the flaws of that show) Also it is not true that Scrappy is the cause of Pat Stevens' departure. The entire first season of Scrappy had the whole gang, and Stevens did most of the episodes. Then towards the end, she left and was replaced by Maria Frumkin (not covered on your page) for four episodes. So there was some other reason Stevens left, because the role was not quite over yet. Then the gang was retired for a few years, but in 1984 Velma made guest reappearances and it was Frumkin returned.  
Other news, I was a bit disappointed in the Scooby Meets Batman DVD because it did not restore the edited clip of Velma and Batman discussing the dangers of counterfeiting. That was one of her most deepest lines, but was cut out of all of CN/Boom/KWB airings for some reason (It was in the syndicated and USA copies though). Another edit in one of the Don Knotts episodes has Fred take Velma and leave Daphne behind with the others.

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