Jinkies! Where's Dinkley!

a Velma Adventure by John Likeglass

With apologies to Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbara and anyone else who might hate this story. (although I believe any true Scooby Doo fan will love it!) All borrowed characters have been safely returned intact and healthy. This is a Scrappy free story. It's a long one, so, feel free to print it out and save it for later reading!

Part Two:

"He's broke! Penny-less! Kaput! Out of business!" Shaggy is yelling, mixed with laughter. Freddy and Daphne are looking at each other in shock. "You mean Hank Willcuff is broke?" Daphne asks. Shaggy laughs again, "That's what I've been trying to tell you! The stock price for his company has gone from twenty five dollars a share down to five cents a share in the last few weeks! There's all sorts of rumors that he spent company funds to cover his gambling debt!" Freddy looks horrified. "We've got to tell Velma! I bet he's after her inheritance!" Daphne looks a little worried. "Fred, she might not believe you. You don't know how powerful this infatuation thing can get." Freddy grabs his coat. "Come on guys, we've got to try! I have a real bad feeling about this. I think he's going to make his move real soon, before Velma gets wise."

Velma sits in the restaurant lobby, waiting for Hank to bring the car around. Again, the voices start up in her head. "What on earth are you doing? Flying to Las Vegas to get married to a guy you've only known for ten days?" - "But he's so nice, and so kind, and soooo..." - "So what! Your dumping all your life long friends for him?" - "I've never felt this way in the presents of someone.. Loved. There is something about him that just draws me in!" Velma picks up the newspaper that is sitting on the table in the lobby. "I need to calm myself down." She opens it up to the business section and starts to read it.... "Willcuff Industries in ruin?? What on earth..." Just then she hears the door open, and quickly puts down the paper. "Come, we have a flight to catch!" He says. Velma jumps up on her feet. The text of what she read had not sunk into her conscious mind, but the real Velma deep within her was having a field day with it! As they head out the door and get into his red sports car, she notices it has a dealer tag on it. Once again the information logs itself in, deep within her.

The Mystery Machine comes to a halt, slamming into the curb. Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby all leap out. (Sally has gone back to work.) "Shaggy, you and Scooby go around to the back lot and see it they're there. Daphne and I will check the lobby!" As Shaggy heads toward the back, he can't resist a quick tease. "Ok, but you lovebirds take care of yourself!" Fred runs up to the counter and describes Velma and Hank to the hostess. "Yea, they left about five minutes ago, but I think her name was Marilyn. They said something about going to the airport." Freddy runs for the door, almost knocking Daphne down in the process. "They're heading for the airport!" The two run out the front door and jump in the Mystery Machine. Laying rubber, Freddy quickly loops behind the building to pick up Shaggy and Scooby.

"Gee, I don't understand what's wrong with my credit card. Can I use your's Marilyn?" Velma stares at the amount on the register. $2,200 ! "Sure. I guess." Velma hands her card to the agent. "Two first class tickets", the agent says, "and the last available tickets for that flight, I might add! Departs in twenty minutes from gate sixteen. You need to hurry." Hank and Velma head down the stairs and out to the gates. Velma is a few steps behind Hank, and feeling a little sick. A pit is starting to grow in her stomach, and those voices are back. "Marilyn, is everything Ok?", Hank asks. "Sure", she answers.

Where are we going to start looking?" Daphne asks as they approach the airport exit ramp. "I used to work at this airport", Shaggy says, "They may have fired me for eating, but the workers loved me! When you get near the terminal building, turn at that service road." Freddy heads down the ramp, and follows Shaggy's instructions. They stop at a guard shack. The guard recognizes Shaggy, who jumps out of the van. The two of them start talking. Freddy is looking impatient. "I hope this is not just chit-chat." he says. Daphne looks over at him. "No, I think Shaggy knows just how important this is. He's really been coming through on some things lately." Shaggy and the guard disappear into an office for a while. "Boy, I hope your right Daphne, because the clock is ticking!" Shaggy and four other workers come out of the office and up to the van. Freddy rolls down the window and Shaggy speaks, "Well, looks like I still have a lot of friends here! The good news is Jack was able to log in and locate what flight they are boarding. The bad news is that it is booked solid, and is leaving in about ten minutes. My old buddy Jack has an idea, I just hope no one finds out, or he will lose his job!"

Velma and Hank are sitting in their seats. The plane is late taking off. "Stewardess, What's the delay?", he asks. "I am sorry sir, they had some last minute cargo changes. Some animals were loaded on board." Finally the plane starts it's roll out. For the first time, Velma is visibly nervous. Hank notices. "Haven't you flown before?", he asks. "Sure, plenty of times, just not to my own wedding!" The voices are back in full force in her head - "Why didn't his card go through? Why did his car have dealer plates on it? What was that newspaper article about? Why would a guy that rich move into a one bedroom apartment?" She tried to relax herself, leaning deep into the plush first class seat as the plane accelerated to takeoff.

"Wooooow!" Freddy said as he slid back into the other three. "This is not my idea of fun. All four of us crammed into an oversize dog cage!" Shaggy smiled. "But we're on the flight! Hey, it's the best thing Jack could come up with." "RaRooooooo!" Daphne turns around. "Sorry Scooby, I know. That was your tail. How long is this flight anyway?" Shaggy gives a light laugh.. "Oh, about two hours..." "TWO HOURS!!"

He was so charming, so hansom, she felt so safe with him. Yet.... "Hank, you haven't told me much about your business. How's it doing?" Hank remained quiet for a few seconds before he spoke. "Well, we import coffee, not too interesting. Not like your past. Really is a boring job by comparison." The plane began it's decent toward the Las Vegas airport. Both fell silent. There was some kind of stress in the air, she could feel it. Part of her wanted to run away as fast as she could. The other part of her was so taken in by Hank that she would give him the world if she could.

The plane taxied to a stop and soon the cargo door opened. A guy named Frank jumped in and came over to the cage. "Jack told me about this, I thought it was really strange, but he's helped me out in the past so I guess I owe him." Frank opened the cage and Freddy, Daphne, and Shaggy crawled out in a lot of pain! Scooby sat for a while with a big smile on his face. "Aren't you anxious to get out?" Freddy asked. "Rog Rage!" Scooby answered. Shaggy laughed. "It's a dog cage! The ride felt normal for him!" Frank lead the four of them over to a small golf cart, and drove them over to a door that lead into the gate. "Your on your own from here on", he said, "Good Luck!" The four stood behind a set of lockers and watched as Velma and Hank came off the plane. "How are we going to do this Fred?" Daphne asked. "Hummmm... We have to split them up somehow. For now, lets just follow them." As Hank and Velma head towards baggage claim, Velma stops. "I have to use the girl's room, meet you down in baggage claim Ok?" Hank stops as well and nods his head. As she goes through the door, Hank just stands there for a few seconds... Finally, he continues down the hall. Daphne makes a mad dash for the ladies room. As she roundes the corner she sees Velma standing in front of the sink crying. "Velma!", she says. Velma spins around. "Daphne! How? What? Oh I don't care, just give me a hug!" Daphne runs over and hugges her. "Velma, there's some things you need to know..." Daphne explaines to Velma about what Shaggy had found out about Hank. "I know, I know", Velma says, "but I still love him! I don't know what to do!" Daphne shakes her head. "Velma, you've got to break this off! We're all here to help you." Velma was still crying. "No, I've got to confront him!" Daphne looked alarmed. "But he could get dangerous! .... Ok, ok, but we'll be close behind." Velma leaves the ladies room to catch up with Hank.

"What's going on?" Freddy says. "She wants to talk to him!" Daphne responds. Freddy is startled. "Oh brother! Does she realize what danger she is in? This guy is probably desperate! We have to stay close.. Where are they going?" Daphne fills Freddy in on the directions to the "Elvis Chapel" as they head out to hail a cab, with Shaggy and Scooby in tow.

As Hank and Velma ride in the cab, Velma is now openly crying. "What's wrong?" Hank asks in a rather gruff manner. Velma tries to compose herself for a second. "I know all about you! Your broke, and you just want to marry me for the money!" Velma sits, expecting an answer, instead she feels a sharp pain in her leg! She looks down in time to see Hank removing a needle from her leg! She feels rage building inside her, "You Don't love me! You never did! You! You...." she falls back into the seat, lapsing in and out of consciousness. The next thing she knows, she is standing before someone in what looks like a wedding chapel, she can hear voices but has trouble speaking. "You'll have to excuses us, my wife to be has had a little to much to drink!" The door at the back of the chapel bursts open! Shaggy and Daphne are standing there screaming something, Hank is turning to grab her, but a figure shoots by him and scoops her off her feet! "Oh Freddy! I never knew you had such big strong arms!" Velma says as she lapses into unconsciousness again....

All five are sitting in the study at the Blake mansion. "I guess I have a lot of apologizing to do." Velma says. Daphne shakes her head. "What? For being human? You fell in love! It happens. A little hard, I must admit, but we all make mistakes!" Freddy clears his throat, "Well, Hank's going away for a long time. Not only did that cab ride constitute as kidnaping, he also still had that syringe of drugs, which he transported across state lines!" Velma sits and ponders. "How could I have ever loved him? I feel so hurt... Anyhow, what about you guys, Shaggy told me about the dating experiment." Daphne chuckles. "Well.. It was kind of like taking your brother out on a date! I mean I love him, but he's more like a brother!" Freddy adds, "Yes, that kind of does sum it up!"

The house looks creepy and old, Velma is glad for her orange sweater because there is a chill in the air. Freddy walks up to the front door on the abandoned wing of the old Germantown house. Slowly, he opens the door, it creaks with a low groan. The five proceed inside. It is dusk and there is very little light in the old hallway they are walking down. About one hundred feet in, they hear shrieking! Bats! As the fly past, Velma feels her glasses getting knocked off! Everyone screams! She begins to feel around on the floor for her glasses... Her old basic black, oversized frame glasses. She finds them and slips them back on, falling into a sitting position. With her vision back, she looks around. Shaggy and Scooby are huddled in a corner, shaking. Freddy is behind an old hutch. Daphne is hanging from an old chandelier. Daphne lets go and plops into Freddy's arms. He winks at Velma! Slowly, Velma begins to chuckle, then to laugh out loud! "Boy! Is it great to see things back to normal!!!"



The End!

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