Freddy, What do you remember about most about Velma from your childhood?

Wow! Let me think.

So many things come to mind. I guess my first meeting is a good place to start. Shaggy had told me a bit about her, but I guess I hadn't listened to what he was saying, so I really didn't know what she was about.

I remember the doorbell rang. I was playing with my GI Joe, and a bunch of those little green army men, you know the kind that came in a bucket. I heard my parents calling for me to come and meet the girl from down the block but I pretended not to hear them! After a while, they all went outside, except for Velma. She began investigating the house. I continued to hide in the dinning room with my army. I guess she was looking for me because I heard her calling my name. I heard her climbing the steps of the staircase that lead to the bedrooms which were on the second floor. Whew! I was safe I thought. Suddenly, there was this loud thumping and banging. I realized that I had left my marbles upstairs near the stairs and that she must have tripped on them and fallen down the staircase! Being a young kid, and a bit of a brat, I quietly waited for the screaming and crying I knew had to follow. Instead, there was silence!

I started to worry a bit, thinking, "Oh no, I hope she didn't kill herself!" Then I heard this tiny voice call out... "My glasses.. Someone help me find my glasses please?" My heart melted, and I entered the room. There was Velma at the bottom of the stairs methodically searching for her glasses! No crying. No whining. Just a polite request for help!

So, we sat and talked. I told her how I was going to build a tree house, but I didn't know how to design it. She picked up a pencil and started drawing sketches of various designs. That summer, with a lot of help from Velma, we made the tree house that later became the first headquarters for Mysteries Inc!


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