Daphne, What are your reflections on all the years
you have spent working with Velma?

But I like the sweater and the glasses!Hummm... I guess the biggest thing I had to get over was the lack of fashion. Under those baggy cloths and those big glasses is a girl who actually has a petite cute figure. I always wanted to do a major make-over on her. I thought if we could ditch the orange sweater, change the hair, add makeup, some jewelry, and get her to wear contacts, she could really turn some heads! She would be a really classy sassy lady! Of course, she wouldn't be Velma tho...

You see, Velma is that girl with the orange sweater and the oversize glasses. For me to try to make her up into something I like, would take away who she is. Everyone has the right to be who they are! Velma looks the way she dose because that is who she is inside. I would never want someone to tell me how to dress and look, so I learned to live with the little nerd girl.

I'm only kidding on that nerd bit! She is anything but! A lot of people judge her to be that on first glance, but when you get to know her, you learn that she is a whole different person. She is very, very smart! Most people who are that intelligent end up with a big ego, not Velma! She loves to interact with people and loves the mysteries in life. Her choice in boyfriends could use a little work tho. Suppressed under all that brain is her feminine side. When it comes out, it is like a flood gate opening, and usually results in her falling head over heals in love with some big goof-ball that doesn't deserve the time of day!

There is a soft, sweet side to her that few people get to see. I remember one time when Scooby was sick, Velma stayed up with him twenty-four hours straight to make sure he was ok. Of course, it turned out to be something he ate, but we didn't know that at the time. For someone who has such a high tech brain, she really likes small animals and nature a lot. I think that's why Shaggy and her get along so well. He's kind of a nature freak too. Some people have asked me if the two of them date. Truth is, it's more of a mother and son relationship. She spends a lot of time trying to make him a responsible person, and steering him away from his bad tendencies.

Velma has changed a lot over the years. I remember when we started working together, she was always the one to charge into the unknown and take the risks. I think some of this was to counteract Shaggy and Scooby's over-cautiousness. Somewhere along the line, I think she realized how close she was coming to joining the ghosts we were chasing. Now, when we are in one of these unpleasant circumstances, she takes a few seconds to think things out. Don't get me wrong tho, if charging is the answer, she still charges in!

When we broke the gang up a few years back, her personality was the one I really missed. I mean, I missed them all. But, I was sure glad when we all got back together and she was there to remind me that glamour isn't everything in life!


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