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journey Comments-

Hi Velma, what is your fav Scooby Doo episode of the classics? and what kind of mystery fascinates you the most?Do you like to read books on mysteries

Jan 4, 2010

shery_who_loves_velma Comments-

a site that ONLY have velma dinkley pictures and not only the ones you can find at
p.s I lOvE yOu VeLmA dInKley

Dec 26, 2008

jane Comments-

a page for velma's own picture.

Apr 15, 2008

bun39 Comments-

Feel Free To Make Comments From 6:30am-2:00pm

Jul 9, 2007

bun39 Comments-


Jul 9, 2007

Guckums Comments-

A Velma's romance page

Jun 24, 2007

Elvis Comments-


Aug 26, 2006

Likeglass Comments-

Here is where we start! Every so often, our moderators will drop by this blog and set up new topic threads based on what is posted here. As a viewer, you are able to read our thoughts. As a member of this forum, you can add your own comments to what is said. The posts are listed in reverse order so that the newest post is always on top.

May 13, 2006